Anthony Cartwright - The Afterglow
The Afterglow 0

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Years after the death of toddler Adam, a family is bound together in sadness and joy as they fight to overcome feeling haunted by that tragic day. Meet the family: there's Luke at work at Paradise Meatpacking, out on the town with Jamie,hitting the bars with his unnerving mate Risley, and back in bed with his ex-fiancee. Despite his actions, he knows he can count on his parents to bail him out of trouble, or for his sister Kerry to have his back and give him sound advice, as they all struggle to understand and prevail above an untimely death years before.

ISBN: 0954130367

Год издания: 2004

Язык: Английский

256 р.

Лауреат: 2004 г.Премия Бетти Траск (Победитель Премия Бетти Траск)
Номинант: 2004 г.Премия Джона Ллевеллина Риса
2004 г.Мемориальная премия Джеймса Тейта Блэка (Художественное произведение)
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