Дженни Колган - The Happy Christmas

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Polly and her puffin friend Neil have wrapped presents, practised for the village nativity and written their lists for Santa. But Christmas is taking a very long time to arrive. And Polly isn't enjoying the wait.

What's worse, Neil is busy helping to keep an egg warm, so he hasn't got much time to play.

Will it EVER be Christmas? And will a tiny little puffling hatch in time for the big day?

Perfect for bedtime stories and early readers. From the bestselling author of The Little Beach Street Bakery.

Contains lots of fun festive recipes and activities in addition to the story.
Цикл: Полли и Нейл, книга №4

Форма: сказка

Оригинальное название: The Happy Christmas

Дата написания: 2017

Первая публикация: 2017

Язык: Английский

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