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Artists do a number of things that are very useful. In this deceptively modest &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; book, some of these things are described. Seminal works by artists Marcel &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; Duchamp, John Cage, Richard Serra, Christo & Jean-Claude, Donald Judd, and &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; On Kawara are used to illustrate (in words only) these points. This book is highly &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; &t;br/&t; recommended for parents…

Жанры:  Искусство фотографии


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