Джим Батчер - Лебёдка аэронавта

4 мая 2022 г. 23:04


4 Стимпанк. Что за жанр такой заморский?

А это жанр фантастики о мирах, где паровые машины и другие ретро-технологии не исчезли, а достигли высочайшего развития.

Кто читал "Сквозь зеркала" поймет, о чем я. Одна из самый потрясающих серий книг, что я читала


29 ноября 2015 г. 22:18



That's my first attempt to read something of steampunk. When my favorite author decided to change genre of his books there was no choice for me. I was afraid there were a lot of techical termins in this book. I was right but those were not too hard to understand. This book is mostly about characters than technics. And it seems like Butcher read Douglas Adams. Oh, no, there's no plagiary or something but sometimes there's the same madness. Of course in the finest sense of the word. Mad etherealists, speaking cats and ships...make the atmosphere of this book a bit strange but so amazing! I think the brightest character is Rowl, kit of Maul, lord and master of the Silent Paws. That is a unique cat. I'm sure cats think the way Butcher wrote. Who knows may be if we can understand their…


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