Ramsey Campbell - Nazareth Hill

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Eight-year-old Amy called it the spider house, because it made her feel creepy. Until her father admonished her for being so silly. Its proper name was Nazarill, and it was nothing to be scared of, just a ruined mansion overlooking the town.

But when Amy's father holds her up to an empty window so she can look inside, what she sees hardly puts her fears to rest — a wizened corpse, stretching out its rotting arms in a foul embrace. That night she has a vivid nightmare in which her father tells her, 'Your mother's dead, and you're mad, and you're staying here in Nazarill.'

Seven years later, her nightmare visions forgotten, Amy is…
Издательство: Headline

Форма: роман

Дата написания: 1996

Язык: Английский


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