Allen Steele - Coyote Rising

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Hugo Award-winning author Allen Steele's critically acclaimed Coyote was a dramatic new departure-"a terrific, break-out book" (Robert J. Sawyer) of "classic science-fiction" (Orlando Sentinel). But if Coyote was a grand novel of interstellar exploration, then Coyote Rising is the bold next step-a novel of interstellar revolution.

The crew of the hijacked starship Alabama fled their colony on Coyote after more colonists arrived-along with a new,repressive government and all of Earth's social ills. Now, the iron-fisted colonial governor is building a bridge to exploit the virgin territory where the Alabama's crew are believed to have…

Форма: роман

Дата написания: 2004

Язык: Английский

Жанры:  Зарубежная фантастика


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