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Первая часть: Евразия и около нее
Вторая часть: Америки
Третья часть: Африка
Я очень долго копалась в Сети, но не нашла русских источников касательно нашумевшей книжной карты мира, все они или неполные, или с явными ошибками невооруженным взглядом. Давно очень чешется сделать это, наверное, пришло время.
По интернету гуляют два ее варианта, начнем с этого.
Постепенно добавлю сюда расхождения второго варианта. (в списке вторая книга у каждой страны)

*Книжная карта мира: карта, собранная из обложек произведений разных стран. Ее автор Backforward24, пользователь сайта Reddit, соотнес страны и книги на свое усмотрение. В целом принцип отбора понятен – это самые известные и титулованные книги.

Это четвертая часть: Австралия и Океания.

Все русифицировано максимально возможно. На английском осталось только то, что не переводилось и в России не слышалось (или я плохо искала).

Австралия: Cloudstreet , Тим Уинтон
Папуа - Новая Гвинея: Death of a Muruk,Бернард Нарокоби
Вануату: Black Stone, Grace Mera Molisa
Соломоновы острова: Suremada: Faces from a Solomon Island Village, Rexford Orotaloa
Фиджи: Tales of the Tikongs,Epeli Hauʻofa
Новая Зеландия: Люди-скелеты , Кери Хьюм

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Tim Winton - Cloudstreet
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Tim Winton
Hailed as a classic, Tim Winton's masterful family saga is both a paean to working-class Australians and an unflinching examination of the human heart's capacity for sorrow, joy, and endless gradations in between. An award-winning work, Cloudstreet exemplifies the brilliant ability of fiction to captivate and inspire.
Struggling to rebuild their lives after being touched by disaster, the Pickle family, who've inherited a big house called Cloudstreet in a suburb of Perth, take in the God-fearing Lambs as tenants. The Lambs have suffered their own catastrophes, and determined to survive, they open up a grocery on the ground floor. From 1944 to 1964, the shared experiences of the two overpopulated clans -- running the gamut from drunkenness, adultery, and death to resurrection, marriage, and birth -- bond them to each other and to the bustling, haunted house in ways no one could have anticipated.
Keri Hulme - The Bone People
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The Bone People
Keri Hulme
4.000 1 читатель
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Integrating both Maori myth and New Zealand reality, The Bone People became the most successful novel in New Zealand publishing history when it appeared in 1984. Set on the South Island beaches of New Zealand, a harsh environment, the novel chronicles the complicated relationships between three emotional outcasts of mixed European and Maori heritage. Kerewin Holmes is a painter and a loner, convinced that "to care for anything is to invite disaster." Her isolation is disrupted one day when a six-year-old mute boy, Simon, breaks into her house. The sole survivor of a mysterious shipwreck, Simon has been adopted by a widower Maori factory worker, Joe Gillayley, who is both tender and horribly brutal toward the boy. Through shifting points of view, the novel reveals each character’s thoughts and feelings as they struggle with the desire to connect and the fear of attachment.
Compared to the works of James Joyce in its use of indigenous language and portrayal of consciousness, The Bone People captures the soul of New Zealand. After twenty years, it continues to astonish and enrich readers around the world.