Издания и произведения

  • Blood Parish E.J. Findorff
    ISBN: 1953602037
    Год издания: 2021
    Язык: Английский

    How does the disappearance of nineteen high school baseball players remain a mystery for thirty years? Angel Blondeaux had been taught since birth to never betray family, only to escape the clutches of home to become an FBI agent. For generations, Blondeaux has been the name to respect in Moreau Parish, and the name to fear. Crime is no longer a part of life, but a lifestyle, woven into the fabric of the parish. So, when Angel Blondeaux had graduated Quantico, she was rejected by the family like a bad organ. The matriarch of the Blondeaux clan is Angel's grandmother Paulette. Paulette's successor was to be Angel's Aunt Lorna until her…