Издания и произведения

  • A Wife For Ben Cheryl Wolverton
    ISBN: 9781472020772
    Издательство: HarperCollins
    Язык: Английский

    THE GOOD NEIGHBOR–ACTUALLY, THE BESTA woman couldn' t ask for a better neighbor than Ben Mayeaux. He' d saved Stephanie Webber and her daughter from their burning house, and this single mom couldn' t thank him enough. Kind, strong and handsome, Ben had opened his home to them and helped in more ways than she could count, and soon Stephanie' s feelings were taking on a more-than-neighborly slant.When days of healing and house repair turned into tender evenings, Stephanie wondered if this tried-and-true bachelor' s home–and heart– would open permanently to a wife and rambunctious five-year-old.And if they did, could she heal her own past…

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