S.E. Green - Mother May I

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Even though her husband was a TV evangelist, Nora never prayed unless she knew the cameras were focused on her. But she prayed tonight that they’d make this stupid baby he wanted.

Meet Nora: Flawless. Enigmatic. Conniving. Ruthless.

At seventeen, she escaped the grip of her cold and abusive mama after catching the eye of charismatic Merrell Hodges. His riches and fame became hers. In exchange, she could play the role of doting wife.

But she alone was not enough; he wanted a family.

With the birth of their perfect daughter, Elizabeth, something foreign and unnerving touches Nora: love. She wants to protect and lavish her child.…


Год издания: 2021

Язык: Английский

229 pages

Номинант: 2022 г.Премия международной Ассоциации авторов триллеров (ITW) (Лучший оригинальный роман в электронном формате)
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