John Connell - Where the Wicked Tread

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Mason’s trek through Italy will be anything but simple.
It will demand blood. It will demand sacrifices. It will tear at his soul.

It is 1947. Mason is on the hunt for the man behind his worst nightmares, the Gestapo commander who, during the war, executed a little girl Mason had sworn to protect. The image of her lifeless body in the blood-stained snow torments him nightly.

Now he has a chance to erase those haunting images. He’s tracked the man to the notorious Italian route for escaping Nazi war criminals. The problem is the man is fleeing justice with several other Nazi fugitives, who are bent on abducting a mysterious woman and…

ISBN: 195040918X

Год издания: 2021

Язык: Английский

Номинант: 2022 г.Премия международной Ассоциации авторов триллеров (ITW) (Лучший оригинальный роман в электронном формате)
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