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Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music


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What does music do for you? Is it an art form, mood enhancer, or just something to jump around to? From the orchestra pit to the mosh pit music inspires our lives, is universal and personal, futuristic yet primordial. As the soundtrack trigger to a thousand memories it can be seductive yet soulful, energetic and prophetic. But the immediacy of music has rarely been exploited within literature. Until now...
In these stories writers use music as a springboard for their fiction, their characters lives entwined with the metaphorical music of the spheres as well as that played upon the stage.. Like the mid-length EP, Extended Play showcases…
Издательство: Elastic Press

ISBN: 095488129X

Год издания: 2006

Язык: Английский

Paperback, 300 pages

Лауреат: 2007 г.Британская премия фэнтези (Лучшая антология)
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