Priscilla  Royal - Forsaken Soul

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The summer of 1273 is peaceful for most of England, but not for Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal Priory. Her friend, Crowner Ralf, is newly widowed with a baby. And her new anchoress is welcoming visitors to her window at one of them a man the prioress secretly loves. Now his loyalty to her as head of Tyndal Priory is suspect. Then Martin the Cooper is poisoned at the local inn. Martin had a wealth of enemies. The killer could be any of them. No one likes the direction the evidence points, but God's justice must be rendered even for the most forsaken soul. "Against an authentic backdrop of medieval life and lore, Royal once again brings alive…
Серия: The Medieval Mysteries
Цикл: Тайна средневековья, книга №5
Издательство: Poisoned Pen Press

Forsaken Soul — Priscilla Royal, роман

ISBN: 9781590585221

Год издания: 2011

Язык: Английский

352 pages, Paperback

Жанры:  Ужасы, мистика


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