Winston Graham - The Little Walls

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Why did he do it?
The purpose of Philip Turner's journey to Amsterdam is to investigate the apparent suicide of his bother Grevil. He has not seen him for several years.
His enquiries lead him from Holland to Capri in search of a mysterious girl to whom Grevil had written a cryptic farewell note.
What part does the shadowy Jack Buckingham play? Why can he not be found? Martin Coxon is the only man who has ever known Buckingham well, but it is the girl who seems to have all the answers if she can be persuaded to talk.
'An absorbing story' "Daily Mail"
'Packed with suspense' "Daily Telegraph"
Издательство: Fontana / Collins

ISBN: 0-00-613085-2

Год издания: 1976

Язык: Английский

Лауреат: 1955 г.Кинжалы (Ложный След)
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