Margaret Maron - High Country Fall

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In her newest novel featuring popular Judge Deborah Knott, multiple-prize winning author Margaret Maron explores the achingly beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, where leaves are turning...and corpses are deadly still. No one is more surprised than Judge Deborah Knott by her engagement to her childhood friend Dwight Bryant. Stressed out by the impending marriage, Deborah agrees to fill in for a vacationing judge in the hills of Cedar Gap. With its fresh mountain air and gorgeous fall foliage, it's the perfect place to clear her head...until a local doctor is brutally murdered. Presiding over the probable cause case against the main suspect,…
Серия: Deborah Knott Mysteries #10
Издательство: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 0446615900

Год издания: 2005

Язык: Английский

320 р

Номинант: 2005 г.Премия Агаты (Лучший роман)
2005 г.Премия Макавити (Лучший детективный роман)
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