Перед падением

Перед падением 3,6


Туманной летней ночью в воздух поднялся частный самолет, на борту которого находилось одиннадцать пассажиров – десять богатых и знаменитых vip-персон и переживающий не лучшие времена художник Скотт Берроуз, затесавшийся в эту компанию по чистой случайности. А через четверть часа произошла трагедия – самолет рухнул в океан. Уцелели только Скотт и спасенный им четырехлетний сынишка могущественного медиамагната.

Что же произошло? Несчастный случай? Теракт? Или же эту катастрофу подстроили специально – ради убийства кого-то одного?..

ФБР начинает расследование. Пресса неистовствует, избрав жертвой Скотта. Но некоторые тайны пассажиров,…

Серия: MustRead - Прочесть всем!
Издательство: АСТ

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Премия Эдгара По за лучший роман 2017? Лучший детективный роман 2017? Удивили премии в описании, ибо роман не триллер, где атмосфера нагнетается, и происходит что-то ужасное; это не детектив, ибо расследование не ведётся, читателю не дают подсказок, не описывают ход следствия. Роман «Перед падением» - это банальная мелодрама, где завязкой сюжета является автокатастрофа. Романы такого типа выпускало на русский рынок издательство Ридерз Дайджест в 90х, если кто помнит. Значит, в первой же главе, в самолёт, который должен упасть в море, садятся дети: мальчик и девочка; девочка гибнет с остальными, а мальчика спасает пассажир, который случайно оказался на борту, он с ним вплавь добирается до берега. И эта глава о плавании получилась самой интересной, напряжённой и драматичной (единственная…


Перед падением

Автор: Ной Хоули

Перевод: А.А.Загорский

стр. 415

Перед падением — Ной Хоули , роман
Перевод: А. Загорский

ISBN: 978-5-17-094332-6

Год издания: 2017

Язык: Русский

Твердый переплет, 416 стр.
Формат: 84x108/32
Тираж: 8000 экз.
Перевод: Загорский А.

Возрастные ограничения: 16+

"This is one of the year's best suspense novels, a mesmerizing, surprise-jammed mystery that works purely on its own, character-driven terms....Mr. Hawley has made it very, very easy to race through his book in a state of breathless suspense."―New York Times

"BEFORE THE FALL is a ravishing and riveting beauty of a thriller. It's also a deep exploration of desire, betrayal, creation, family, fate, mortality, and rebirth. It's one part Dennis Lehane, one part Dostoevsky. I was spellbound from first page to last; I haven't fully recovered yet."―Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours

"Noah Hawley really knows how to keep a reader turning the pages, but there's more to the novel than suspense. On one hand, BEFORE THE FALL is a complex, compulsively readable thrill ride of a novel. On the other hand, it is an exploration of the human condition, a meditation on the vagaries of human nature, the dark side of celebrity, the nature of art, the power of hope and the danger of an unchecked media. The combination is a potent, gritty thriller that exposes the high cost of news as entertainment and the randomness of fate."―New York Times Book Review

"[A] terrific thriller...an irresistible mystery.. a tale that's both an intriguing puzzle and a painful story of human loss."―Washington Post

"I started and finished BEFORE THE FALL in one day. That begins to tell you what kind of smart, compellingly dramatic read it is.

So read it."―James Patterson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Alex Cross and Michael Bennett series

"A masterly blend of mystery, suspense, tragedy, and shameful media hype...a gritty tale of a man overwhelmed by unwelcome notoriety, with a stunning, thoroughly satisfying conclusion."―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A pulse-pounding story, grounded in humanity."―Booklist (starred review)

"BEFORE THE FALL is an astonishing, character-driven tour-de-force. The story is a multi-layered, immersive examination of truth, relationships, and our unquenchable thirst for the media's immediate explanation of unfathomable tragedy."―Karin Slaughter, #1 internationally bestselling author

"BEFORE THE FALL kicks ass. A surefire summer read."
―Justin Cronin, New York Times bestselling author of The Passage and City of Mirrors

"Like the successful screenwriter that he is, Hawley piles on enough intrigues and plot complications to keep you hooked."―Kirkus Reviews

"This isn't just a good novel; it's a great one. I trusted no one in these pages, yet somehow cared about them all. BEFORE THE FALL brings a serrated edge to every character, every insight, and every wicked twist."―Brad Meltzer, bestselling author of The President's Shadow

"Savvy and absorbing... cathartic...BEFORE THE FALL is about the gulf that separates perception and truth, and the people who fall into it."―Wall Street Journal

"Noah Hawley soon veers his highly entertaining novel into an insightful look at families, revenge and media intrusion...Hawley invests the same care with a soupcon of dark humor into BEFORE THE FALL as he does on the TV series 'Fargo'...superb and cleverly constructed."―Associated Press

"A riveting beach read."―People, "The Best New Books"

"[A] page-turner."―Vanity Fair

"A remarkable and memorable accomplishment by any standard...BEFORE THE FALL is brilliantly constructed and wonderfully told.... a tale that will haunt you long after you read the last page, even as you wish the narrative was twice as long, for all the right reasons."―Book Reporter

"Essential reading this summer for anyone who likes a good story well told...You won't read a more thoughtful page-turner anytime soon...irresistibly cinematic."―St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Remarkably fun to read, filled with suspense, memorable characters and incredibly visual scenes...a compulsive experience."―Austin American-Statesman

"Compulsively written and involving, BEFORE THE FALL is a stunning inquiry into human drive and desire...A powerful and genuinely surprising work."―The Saturday Star

"Abundant chills and thrills...Noah Hawley's novel grabs you by the throat and won't let go...BEFORE THE FALL is storytelling at its best, as Hawley presents a range of diverse characters with rich histories... Seeds of doubt are cast in what is sure to be the summer book you won't want to miss."

―The Missourian

"Won [our] hearts and minds...it will be the big talker of the summer."―New York Post, "Summer's Hottest Reads"

"A riveting summer read...the author manages to draw out beauty from the heartbreak embodied within the characters. BEFORE THE FALL poses ubiquitous questions about existence, while maintaining a fast-paced, fascinating, and ultimately life-affirming plot."―Woodbury Magazine

"Hawley serves up a meaty story... and his prose is a joy to read."―Vegas Seven

"Utterly engrossing...practically made for the big screen."―Domino Magazine

"[A] tautly compelling summer sizzler."―Examiner.com

"Hawley works both with and against the conventions of literary thrillers, relying on a keen sense of pacing to sustain a story that withholds its secrets until the end... Hawley's prose is direct and unadorned, with priority given to the story, so it's no surprise the author is at his best in moments of high action and rising tension."―A.V. Club

"A thrill ride of a book, a perfect summer beach read...a meaty novel."―KMUW Wichita

Победитель премии Эдгара Аллана По за 2017 год в номинации "Лучший роман" (Edgar Awards 2017 "Best Novel")

Я — автор этой книги

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