Emma Kennedy - Wilma Tenderfoot: the Case of the Fatal Phantom

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Wilma chases down ghosts and hidden treasure in her third endearing mystery

Mystery is afoot when Wilma and her dog, Pickle, snuffle up a mummified body holding an ancient-looking key at Blackheart Mansion, home of the wealthiest family on Cooper Island. When it is revealed that the body belongs to a long-lost ancestor, Bludsten Blackheart, the family fights over Bludsten's key and races to find the treasure it unlocks--rumored to be guarded by a fatal phantom. And just when things reach fever pitch, Wilma discovers another clue about who her parents may be.

In turns heartfelt, hilarious, and mysterious, Wilma's newest adventure is…
Цикл: Приключения Вилмы Тендерфут, книга №3
Издательство: Puffin Books

The Case of the Fatal Phantom — Emma Kennedy, роман

ISBN: 9780142426098

Год издания: 2013

Язык: Английский

Wilma Tenderfoot #3
Paperback, 384 pages

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