Khullak Meson Maring - Food Security in India: State Level Analysis
Food Security in India: State Level Analysis 0

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“Every man, woman and child has the inalienable right to be free from hunger and malnutrition in order to develop their physical and mental faculties” – 1974 World Food Conference. Food security as a concept originated around the mid-1970s during the discussions of international food problems at a time of global food crisis. The initial focus of food security was primarily on food supply problems of assuring the availability and to some degree the price stability of basic foodstuffs at the international and national level. In India during pre-Independent suffered repeated famines, droughts and food shortages. But during the Green Revolution…
Издательство: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

ISBN: 9783659136351

Год издания: 2012

Язык: Английский


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