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Издательство: Koyama Press

Blobby Boys is a hilarious and slime-filled comic about pot smoking blobby bandmates who are equal parts Ninja Turtles and punks. Their exploits dealing, robbing, and jamming are rounded out by the misadventures of Aging Hipster and Punk Dad.

ISBN: 978-1927668023

Год издания: 2013

Язык: Английский

Winner of the Silver Medal in the Long Form and Comic Strip Category of The Society of Illustrators' Comic and Cartoon Art Annual

“Alex Schubert's collection of bold, bizarre comics is short, sharp and shocking — not unlike a quick stabbing.” — Jake Austen, Chicago Tribune

“While there are notable influences at play, what separates Schubert's work from the pack is that it really doesn't look like anything else - the techniques and thinking are all new, resulting in a comic that leaps from the page to lodge, growling, in your brain meats.” — Laura Sneddon, comicbookGRRRL

“His [Schubert’s] peculiar drawing style transcends his influences as they mesh together computer drawings, graffiti, video games, album cover art and other cultural touchstones outside of but related to comics. I could read another 200 pages of gags set in this particular visual world.” — Rob Clough, High-Low

“The Blobby world could pass off as a sterile, sun-bleached magnet set, but hiding around each sharp corner is something purely rude and wholly entertaining.” — Zack Kotzer, Newsarama

“I love the Blobby Boys and am its biggest cheerleader, I think. I endorse this comic with all the weight of my soul. Buy it, buy it, buy it.” — Nick Gazin, VICE Magazine

"Everything about this comic is appealingly minimal — the sparse panels, block coloring, limited narration and dialogue — and it all works together well. Schubert’s economy makes the gags about surfing robots and cunning art critics that much better because he never forces the words and art to do more than they need to: the deadpan laffs come naturally.” — Ken Parille, The Comics Journal

"Weird bad-boy comics that feel like they were created in a laboratory. (That’s a good thing.)" — Brad Mackay, Sequential

“Blobby Boys by Alex Schubert is what might happen if Daniel Clowes got injected with the spirit of Johnny Ryan.” — Rob McMonigal, Panel Patter

“Schubert’s writing is good, too, if rarely seeming like more than freestyling in these loosely related short strips that feature characters like the Blobby Boys (a band who kill their rivals), Aging Hipster (self-explanatory), and Cyber Surfer (a cyborg). But the bold art is what really sets him apart from his fellows.” — Hillary Brown, Paste

"There’s an almost Axe Cop-like, written-by-a-child feel to the story, only with some adult cynicism mixed in. Schubert’s bold, machine-precise image-making, in which every character and object looks like something that could be a logo for something, is hard to describe, but easy to appreciate." — J. Caleb Mozzocco, Comic Book Resources

“Alex Schubert is one of my favorite new-ish cartoonists. There are things about his drawings that remind me of Gary Panter, like his poses and sometimes his lines, when he employs a ratty Panter line. There are things in his work that remind me of Clowes, particularly how everything in his panels is so clean, clear and intentional. I also see similarities to Johnny Ryan in that he deals in characters who are fun loving misanthropes up to no good. Although his work reminds me of all of these great cartoonists his work doesn’t feel referential to them. His work references almost nothing we’ve known before… I think he’s unpretentious, funny and his drawings are both good and original.” Nick Gazin, VICE Magazine

“The Blobby Boys, by Alex Shubert, is one of the funniest dumbest bestest webcomics we’ve come across in a minute.” - MTV

“I like to think of Alex Schubert’s Blobby Boys as a mid 90's live action sitcom that never happened. They smoke (and deal) weed, romp around the city on motorcycles, slime people, and steal your milk money all before they’ve had band practice.” – John Malta, Beautiful/Decay
About the Author
Alex Schubert was born in Mascoutah, IL and is based in Kansas City, MO where he graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2006. His tumblr-based blog Zine Police features excerpts from his sketchbooks and zines including The Dudes and Blobby Boys, which MTV praised as “one of the funniest dumbest bestest webcomics we’ve come across in a minute.”

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