Frank McAuliffe - For Murder I Charge More (Comissions of Augustus Mandrell, No 3)

For Murder I Charge More (Comissions of Augustus Mandrell, No 3)

Frank McAuliffe


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The third and, to date, last volume in Frank McAuliffe's beloved but hard-to-find cult series, "For Murder I Charge More" finds the chameleon-like contract killer Augustus Mandrell making an uneasy transition from the Second World War and Europe to '50s America, as he becomes involved with a Hitler look-alike German general, his old foe Louis Proferra (now in the C.I.A.), and a major-league baseball team. McAuliffe's sly narrative style and Mandrell's slapstick deadliness remain as hilarious and thrilling as ever. Included: "The German Tourist Commission,"The Hawaiian Volcano Commission," "The Baseball
Издательство: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 978-0345021748

Год издания: 1971

Язык: Русский

Формат: 17.5 x 10.7 x 1.8 cm
Язык: English

Лауреат: 1972 г.Премия Эдгара Аллана По (Лучшая книга в мягкой обложке)
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