Mary Burton - I'll Never Let You Go

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He promised to kill her. One night four years ago, Leah Carson's husband almost succeeded. Phillip stabbed her twenty-three times before fleeing. The police are sure he's dead. But fear won't let Leah believe it.
It starts with little things. Missing keys. A flat tire. Mysterious flowers. All easily explained away if the pattern wasn't so terrifyingly familiar. Leah has a new veterinary practice and a new life with no ties to her nightmare. But Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Alex Morgan suspects something. And when another woman's body is found, stabbed twenty-three times, Leah knows her past has…
Издательство: Zebra

ISBN: 978-1-4201-3215-1, 1-4201-3215-6

Год издания: 2015

Язык: Английский

Мягкая обложка, 384 стр.
Формат: 105x175

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