Charles Nicholl - Somebody Else: Arthur Rimbaud in Africa 1880-91

Somebody Else: Arthur Rimbaud in Africa 1880-91

Charles Nicholl


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At the age of twenty-five, Arthur Rimbaud—the infamous author of A Season in Hell, the pioneer of modernism, the lover and destroyer of Verlaine, the "hoodlum poet" celebrated a century later by Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison—turned his back on poetry, France, and fame, for a life of wandering in East Africa.

In this compelling biography, Charles Nicholl pieces together the shadowy story of Rimbaud's life as a trader, explorer, and gunrunner in Africa. Following his fascinating journey, Nicholl shows how Rimbaud lived out that mysterious pronouncement of his teenage years: "Je est un autre"—I is somebody else.

"Rimbaud's fear of stasis…
Издательство: Jonathan Cape

ISBN: 978-0224043762

Год издания: 1997

Hardcover: 288 pages

Лауреат: 1998 г.Готорнденская премия (Лучшее художественное произведение)
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