Jean Rhys - Good Morning, Midnight
Good Morning, Midnight 4

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Sasha Jensen has returned to Paris, the city of both her happiest moments and her most desperate. A friend has rescued her from the room in London where she had been trying to drink herself to death. Now her past lies in wait for her in cafes, bars, and dress shops coming to life again as vividly for the reader as it does for her, blurring all distinctions between nightmare and reality.

The past is no all that looms threateningly on Sasha's horizon. She does not trust the future, even as she knows she must move into it. Whens she is picked by a young man, she begins to feel that she is still capable of desires and emotions. Few…
Издательство: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 978-0393303940

Год издания: 1999

Язык: Английский

Paperback, 192 pages


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