Kate Williams - Young Elizabeth: The Making of Our Queen

Young Elizabeth: The Making of Our Queen

Kate Williams


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We can hardly imagine a Britain without Elizabeth II on the throne. It seems to be the job she was born for. And yet for much of her early life the young princess did not know the role that her future would hold.
Kate Williams explores the sheltered upbringing of the young princess, her complicated relationship with her sister, Princess Margaret, and her dependence on her nanny. She details the profound and devastating impact of the abdication crisis, when, at the impressionable age of ten, Elizabeth's position changed overnight: she was now heiress to the throne.
Elizabeth's monarchy would be a very different one to that of her parents…
Издательство: Phoenix

ISBN: 978-1-7802-2243-1

Год издания: 2013

Язык: Русский

Мягкая обложка, 336 стр.
Формат: 130x200

Жанры:  Биографии и мемуары


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