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Вручение 1 июля 2013 г.

За произведения 2012-2013 г.г.

Страна: Великобритания Дата проведения: 1 июля 2013 г.

Лучший дебют

Рейчел Джойс 4.3
Невероятно трогательный, увлекательный роман Рейчел Джойс покорил сердца читателей во всем мире.

Гарольд Фрай, самый обычный человек, который всю жизнь ощущал себя ненужным, лишним, пускается в необычное путешествие. На противоположном конце страны в хосписе его ждет женщина по имени Куини Хеннесси. Мы не знаем, был ли у них роман, но она, одна из немногих, понимала и ценила его. Гарольд верит — пока он идет, преодолевая милю за милей, Куини будет жить. Эта одиссея стала для Гарольда возвращением к себе и — переосмыслением всей его жизни.
Кэрол Рифка Брант 4.3
Книга, которую сравнивают с «Убить пересмешника» Харпер Ли. Удивительный роман о людях, знающих все о надежде, любви и боли. О том, как непросто подростку вписаться в мир взрослых.

Джун Элбас четырнадцать лет, и она из тех, кто живет мечтами. Ее дом – средневековый замок, но никак не американский коттедж, ее друзья – герои старинных сказок и легенд, ее будущее – в прошлом. Неудивительно, что общий язык она находит только со своим дядей, талантливым художником Финном Уэйссом, который посвятил себя творчеству и наотрез отказался от громкой славы.

Когда дядя ушел из ее жизни, на память о нем остался только портрет Джун и ее сестры. Но это не просто портрет – холст, который разыскивают все музеи Нью-Йорка, содержит загадки, и именно Джун предстоит их разгадать.
Elaine Proctor 0.0
Tottenham, London. Ten-year-old Flambeau waits for his young mother to arrive from the Congo, along the same dangerous route that the human traffickers smuggled him. Homesick and pining for love, he sees a glimpse of life in Knight, a fellow Congolese. Knight, a sapeur - dressed to the nines and dressed to kill - is a gangster who lives for two purposes: to be noticed, and to dance away the immigrants' troubles on a Friday night at Le Pitch, Broadwater Farm. And, who knows, he might just be able to use his contacts to find Flambeau's mother, Bijou. Knight has a girlfriend, Eleanor: a pale Scottish beauty whose love for him is total, but who can never be accepted into the world of Le Pitch. She becomes Flambeau's confidante, and he her mentor in the art of the Rhumba - the dance that will help her steal her lover's heart. But Knight's past is so troubled, and his present so dangerous, that to challenge the traffickers to find Bijou might be more than his life is worth - something a ten-year-old child cannot be expected to understand.

'Takes us deep into the lives of Congolese immigrants in London … a compelling piece of fiction, complete with a succession of terrific set-pieces and a touching plot … thrilling' Daily Mail

'Well-paced and beautifully written, this book is outstanding and will linger in your memory' Red
Бенджамин Вуд 0.0
Bright, bookish Oscar Lowe has grown to love the quiet routine of his life as a care assistant at a Cambridge nursing home, until the fateful day when he is lured into King's College chapel by the otherworldly sound of an organ. There he meets and falls in love with Iris Bellwether and her privileged, eccentric clique, led by her brother Eden. A troubled but charismatic music prodigy, Eden convinces his sister and their friends to participate in a series of disturbing experiments. However, as the line between genius and madness begins to blur, Oscar fears that danger could await them all ...
Sofka Zinovieff 0.0
In 2008 Antigone Perifanis returns to her old family home in Athens after 60 years in exile. She has come to attend the funeral of her only son, Nikitas, who was born in prison, and whom she has not seen since she left him as a baby. Nikitas had been distressed in the days before his death and, curious to find out why, his English widow Maud starts to investigate his complicated past.

In so doing, she finds herself reigniting a bitter family feud, discovering a heartbreaking story of a young mother caught up in the political tides of the Greek Civil War and forced to make a terrible decision that would blight not only her life but that of future generations.

The House on Paradise Street is an epic tale of love and loss, which takes readers from the war-torn streets of Nazi-occupied Athens through the military junta years and on into the troubled city of recent times - and shows what happens when ideology threatens to subsume our sense of humanity.

Лучший дебют в детской литературе

L.A. Jones 0.0
There's a secret you need to know. A secret about how nightmares are made. Welcome to the Nightmare Factory. When Andrew Lake and his twin sister Poppy are stolen from their dreams, they find themselves trapped in a strange realm parallel to our own.
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