Вручение 1982 г.

Страна: США Дата проведения: 1982 г.

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Стюарт Вудз 4.2
«Полицейская сага» – роман-первенец широко известного американского писателя, вместивший в себя многообразный жизненный опыт и архивные изыскания. Сонный быт захолустного городка таит в глубине ненависть и преступление, отозвавшиеся в жизни его обитателей более чем через полвека.

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William Bayer 0.0
Circling high over Rockefeller Center is a peregrine falcon, the most awesome of the flying predators. She awaits a signal from her falconer. It is given: the bird attacks, plummeting from the sky at nearly 200 miles an hour, striking a young woman and killing her instantly.

So begins Peregrine, a chilling tale of obsession.
By chance, newscaster Pamela Barrett witnesses the slaying. Her impassioned account of it on television that evening thrills the falconer, a brilliant madman who identifies with his deadly bird. He becomes fascinated with Pam and enmeshes her in a bizarre and deadly scheme even as she finds herself drawn to him by an erotic need she doesn't understand.
As killing follows killing, the police and the media engage in cutthroat competition to find the murderer. Two falcons fight to the death above Central Park. Call girls, rich eccentrics, dealers in the black market for rare birds--all play their roles in this study of secret passion, desire, fulfillment, and ecstasy.

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Л. А. Морс 0.0
Retired private eye Jake Spanner may have gotten old, but he hasn’t gone soft. When an old gangster Jake put away some forty years ago shows up at his door, it’s time for Jake to grab his hat and Browning automatic and get back to work.

Old? Sure. Slower to catch his breath? Maybe. But, sharp as a tack and with a lifetime of investigating know-how, Jake Spanner has nothing to lose and everything to prove. Sniffing out leads between Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Hills, Jake pulls in old friends to help. The work is hard; it’s gritty. So is Jake. And, with a three quarters of a million dollars ransom at stake, the bad guys don’t stand a chance.

With THE OLD DICK, author L.A. Morse creates a new kind of hero, one that laughs at death not because he’s too young to understand it, but because it’s right around the corner. It’s time to face it head on and maybe go out swinging.

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Норма Фокс Мэйзер 0.0
Fourteen-year-old Terri has lived with her father since the death of her mother in a car accident when she was four. Father and daughter move often, the reason for which becomes clear when Terri finds out that her mother is not dead, and that she was kidnapped by her father when her parents were getting a divorce.