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Вручение 28 апреля 2001 г.

Премия Рэя Брэдбери (Ray Bradbury Award):
«2000X – Tales of the Next Millennia» - Харлан Эллисон, Yuri Rasovsky

Сценарий (Best Script):
«В поисках галактики» (Galaxy Quest, 1999) сценарий - Дэвид Ховард, Роберт Гордон

«Быть Джоном Малковичем» (Being John Malkovich, 1999) сценарий - Чарли Кауфман
«Догма» (Dogma, 1999) сценарий - Кевин Смит
«Зеленая миля» (The Green Mile, 1999) сценарий - Фрэнк Дарабонт, Стивен Кинг
«Принцесса Мононоке» (Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime), 1997) сценарий - Хаяо Миядзаки
«Неуязвимый» (Unbreakable, 2000) сценарий - М. Найт Шьямалан

Страна: США Место проведения: Beverly Hilton, Беверли-Хиллз, Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния Дата проведения: 28 апреля 2001 г.


Greg Bear 0.0
All the best thrillers contain the solution to a mystery, and the mystery in this intellectually sparkling scientific thriller is more crucial and stranger than most. Why are people turning against their neighbors and their newborn children? And what is causing an epidemic of still births? A disgraced paleontologist and a genetic engineer both come across evidence of cover-ups in which the government is clearly up to no good. But no one knows what's really going on, and the government is covering up because that is what, in thrillers as in life, governments do. And what has any of this to do with the discovery of a Neanderthal family whose mummified faces show signs of a strange peeling?
Greg Bear has spent much of his recent career evoking awe in the deep reaches of space, but he made his name with Blood Music, a novel of nanotechnology that crackled with intelligence. His new book is a workout for the mind and a stunning read; human malignancy has its role in his thriller plot, but its real villain, as well as its last best hope, is the endless ingenious cruelty of the natural world and evolution. --Roz Kaveney, Amazon.co.uk
Лоис Макмастер Буджолд 4.5
Майлз подготовил новую операцию... Все ходы «противника» просчитаны, все войска приведены в боевую готовность. Ни о каком провале не может быть и речи! Но все оказывается не так, как планировалось... неудачи идут за неудачей... генеральное сражение проиграно даже не начавшись... Победа на «любовном» фронте дается ох как нелегко! А тут еще и политические противники вновь поднимают голову... Но настоящий полководец не знает поражений. Под натиском профессионала не устоит ни одна крепость...
Kathleen Ann Goonan 0.0
Marie Laveau is a mob boss resurrected from a hit that left her body shredded by bullets. Her miraculous resurrection is achieved by the fledgling science of nanotechnology, and a grateful Marie will stop at nothing to ensure the Good News of nanotech is spread through her hometown and beyond. Meanwhile, a brilliant and reclusive astronomy professor picks up some strange signals dearly originating from an intelligent source somewhere out in space -- at the same time that the first of a series of worldwide radio blackouts occurs. The lives and stories of other characters -- including a Tibetan refugee, a nanotech spy, a New Age believer, and representatives of a dying alien race -- intersect and entwine as Goonan's tale of the birth of a brave new world unfolds in a zesty mix of art and science, music and biology from an author praised as "a major voice in the field."
Charles de Lint 4.7
In the Old Country, they called them the Gentry: ancient spirits of the land, magical, amoral, and dangerous. When the Irish emigrated to North America, some of the Gentry followed...only to find that the New World already had spirits of its own, called manitou and other such names by the Native tribes.

Now generations have passed, and the Irish have made homes in the new land, but the Gentry still wander homeless on the city streets. Gathering in the city shadows, they bide their time and dream of power. As their dreams grow harder, darker, fiercer, so do the Gentry themselves--appearing, to those with the sight to see them, as hard and dangerous men, invariably dressed in black.

Bettina can see the Gentry, and knows them for what they are. Part Indian, part Mexican, she was raised by her grandmother to understand the spirit world. Now she lives in Kellygnow, a massive old house run as an arts colony on the outskirts of Newford, a world away from the Southwestern desert of her youth. Outsider her nighttime window, she often spies the dark men, squatting in the snow, smoking, brooding, waiting. She calls them los lobos, the wolves, and stays clear of them--until the night one follows her to the woods, and takes her hand....

Ellie, an independent young sculptor, is another with magic in her blood, but she refuses to believe it, even though she, too, sees the dark men. A strange old woman has summoned Ellie to Kellygnow to create a mask for her based on an ancient Celtic artifact. It is the mask of the mythic Summer King--another thing Ellie does not believe in. Yet lack of belief won't dim the power of the mast, or its dreadful intent.

Donal, Ellie's former lover, comes from an Irish family and knows the truth at the heart of the old myths. He thinks he can use the mask and the "hard men" for his own purposes. And Donal's sister, Miki, a punk accordion player, stands on the other side of the Gentry's battle with the Native spirits of the land. She knows that more than her brother's soul is at stake. All of Newford is threatened, human and mythic beings alike.

Once again Charles de Lint weaves the mythic traditions of many cultures into a seamless cloth, bringing folklore, music, and unforgettable characters to life on modern city streets.
Джек Макдевит 4.2
...Отдаленное будущее. Человечество уже заселило десятки планет - но по-прежнему безнадежно ищет космических "братьев по разуму". Однако члены одной из обычных экспедиций по возвращении домой внезапно начинают погибать - один за другим...
Убийство - или цепь случайностей?
И если убийство, то - ПОЧЕМУ и ЗАЧЕМ?
Что нашел в космосе экипаж звездолета "Охотник"?
Nalo Hopkinson 0.0
It's Carnival time, and the Carribean-colonized planet of Toussaint is celebrating with music, dance and pageantry. Masked "Midnight Robbers" waylay revelers with brandished weapons and spellbinding words. But to young Tan-Tan, the Robber Queen is simply a favourite costume to wear at the festival--until her power-corrupted father commits an unforgivable crime.

Suddenly, both father and daughter are thrust into the brutal world of New Half-Way Tree. Here monstrous creatures from folklore are real, and the humans are violent outcasts in the wilds. Here Tan-Tan must reach into the heart of myth--and become the Robber Queen herself. For only the Robber Queen's legendary powers can save her life...and set her free.


Linda Nagata 0.0
Michael Fielding is the newly appointed site director of the Four Villages project in rural India, tasked with guiding the economic development of the region. But a chance encounter with an ailing, homeless, and very young widow plunges him into the maze of an ossified and violent traditional culture, while putting his own career at risk. On the other side of the world, Cody Graham’s hazardous waste cleanup company, Green Stomp, has earned a reputation for tackling the toughest, dirtiest jobs around. The harder the challenge, the more Cody likes it. But when chance—and the polluted ground water of Four Villages—brings Michael back into Cody’s life, both are forced to question their shared past, their values, and what it means to do good in the world. “Goddesses” is an intricate, near-future tale, exploring the interface between technology and human nature, by the author of the acclaimed novels “The Bohr Maker” and “Vast.”
Walter Jon Williams 0.0
Confederate naval forces are reduced to the defense of Vicksburg, and an enterprising young captain plots a rescue mission to sail north and recover $65 million in gold coins buried near a Mississippi plantation.
Lucius Shepard 0.0
When Rawley called, Michael had no idea what he would be getting into. He was offered a chance to take on a strange case. There were reports of native "crocodile men" murdering tribesmen. Such reports were not uncommon in the wilds of Africa, but in this case a "crocodile man" has actually confessed to the murders...
Mike Resnick 0.0
Lewis Carroll's poem comes to life on a far away world.
Jonathan Lethem, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel 0.0
It's been six years since the alien dog-creatures arrived and began eating tunnels into the earth at five remote locations around the globe -- and now a conservative exobiologist joins an eccentric billionaire on his project to discover the secret of the crystals mysteriously forming on top of their offensive wastepiles.
Humorous SF at its best!

Короткая повесть

Уолтер Йон Уильямс 0.0
В один прекрасный день Джейми со всей своей семьей отправится в новое место — в место, которое прежде вообще не было. Там жили вертунчики, там был замок Эль Кастильо, который охраняла Ла Дукесса, еще там был Дон Кихот и мистер Ухты. Это самый-самый лучший мир! Но это был виртуальный мир. Только Джейми не мог уйти из этого мира, он здесь жил...
Mike Moscoe 0.0
She always wanted to work on the moon, but she figured she'd have to wait until she was out of High School. But her first job is working on the moon. Bummer, she's only delivering pizza ... from her room in her folks house, but hey, she's working on the moon. It's a start.
Also. She grew up with the Program. Which meant Dad was usually gone and Mom was usually talking up PR for the Program. She swore she'd never, ever go to space and leave her kids behind. But what you want, and what real life lets you have are often two different things.
What are the chances that a kid today can find himself on the Starship Enterprise. Read Summer Hopes, Winter Dreams and find out.
Гарднер Дозуа 0.0
Старика звали Чарлз Цудак. В день, когда ему исполнилось восемьдесят лет, искусственные интеллекты снова поставили его перед выбором — или умереть и вскоре быть забытым, или обрести бессмертие и повести за собой других людей на освоение Вселенной…
© god54


Терри Биссон 3.6
Проблема высшей меры наказания для отъявленных преступников всегда была очень горячей темой в США. В обществе всегда были как противники принятия высшей меры наказания, так и жаждущие лично расквитаться с убийцами и негодяями. Но как обеспечить индивидуальную месть желающим, если преступник один, а правдолюбцев много? И как предоставить право на месть, если преступник — серийный убийца? Есть простой (на первый взгляд) выход.
© ozor
Джеффри Форд 4.1
История о том, как писатель начинает терять контакт со своим воображаемым миром, и приглашает себе помощницу... В очередной раз Джеффри Форд говорит о взаимоотношениях автора со своим творчеством, со словами, с читателями. Также затрагивается и оригинально подается в рассказе тема истории всего жанра фэнтези...
© Claviceps P.
Суэнвик Майкл 3.9
Плезозавр в водорослях, белуга на ломтиках яйца майазавра и еще десяток других лакомств – вот меню будущего, а точнее… прошлого. Теперь практически каждый человек может вернуться в прошлое и увидеть доисторических животных. И все это под аккомпанемент классической музыки. Лучший пейзаж во всей Вселенной!
© tevas
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