Вручение 2004 г.

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Журнал "SciFiction"
Журнал "Wormwood"

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Журнал "Black Static / The Third Alternative"
Журнал "Cemetery Dance"
Журнал "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction"
Журнал "SciFiction"
Журнал "Wormwood"

Номинация "Художник":
Даррел Андерсон (Darrel Anderson)
Рик Берри (Rick Berry)
Алан М. Кларк (Alan Clark)
Лиса Десимини (Lisa Desimini)
Майкл Уэлан (Michael Whelan)

Номинация "Фильм":
Зомби по имени Шон (реж. Эдгар Райт)
Хеллбой: Герой из пекла (реж. Гильермо дель Торо)
Машинист (реж. Брэд Андерсон)
Страсти Христовы (реж. Мэл Гибсон)

Номинация "Телевизионный Показ":
Остаться в живых (реж. Джек Бендер, Стивен Уильямс, Пол А. Эдвардс)
Карнавал (реж. Родриго Гарсия, Джереми Подесва, Джек Бендер)
Зачарованные (реж. Джон Т. Кречмер, Джеймс Л. Конуэй, Джоэль Дж. Фигенбаум)
Королевский госпиталь (реж. Крэйг Р. Бэксли)

Страна: США Место проведения: Всемирный конвент фэнтези в Мэдисоне, штат Висконсин (3 – 6 ноября 2005 года) Дата проведения: 2004 г.


Рэмси Кэмпбелл 0.0
A bookstore can be a wonderful, welcoming place of both commerce and curiosity. That's the goal for Woody, an American recently transferred to England to run a branch of Texts. He wants a clean, orderly store and lots of sales to show his bosses when they arrive from the States for a pre-Christmas inspection. Not easy given the shop's location in a foggy strip mall.
And things keep going wrong. No matter how often the shelves are put in order before the doors are locked at night, when the staff returns in the morning, books are lying all over the floor, many damp and damaged beyond repair. The store's computers keep acting up-errors appear in brochures and ads and orders disappear completely. And even when the machines are turned off, they seem to glow with a spectral gray light.

The hit-and-run death of an employee in the store's parking lot marks a turning point. One employee accuses another of making sexual advances and they come to blows. Between one sentence and the next, one loses his ability to read. The security monitors display half-seen things crawling between the stacks that vanish before anyone can find them.

Desperate, Woody musters his staff for an overnight inventory. When the last customers reluctantly depart, leaving almost-visible trails of slime shining behind them, the doors are locked, sealing Woody and the others inside for a final orgy of shelving.

The damp, grey, silent things that have been lurking in the basement and hiding in the fog may move slowly, but they are inexorable. This bookstore is no haven. It is the doorway to a hell unlike any other.
Elizabeth Hand 1.5
In the Victorian Age, a mysterious and irresistible woman becomes entwined in the lives of several artists, both as a muse and as the object of all-consuming obsession. Radborne Comstock, one of the early twentieth century's most brilliant young painters, is helpless under her dangerous spell.

In modern-day London, journalist Daniel Rowlands meets a beguiling woman who holds the secret to invaluable -- and lost -- Pre-Raphaelite paintings, while wealthy dilettante-actor Valentine Comstock is consumed by enigmatic visions.

Swirling between eras and continents, Mortal Love is the intense tale of unforgettable characters caught in a whirlwind of art, love, and intrigue that will take your breath away.
Lucius Shepard 3.7
From the first lines of A Handbook of American Prayer, award-winning author Lucius Shepard signals his place in the classic American tradition of confessional memoirists. While his plot is unique, his literary precedents include the great moral chroniclers of crime on the biblical scale. Wardlin Stuart is an American messiah, a man who seems to have a direct line to God—but if he does, it's a divinity unlike any you may have prayed to. Stuart's story begins when he kills a man in a bar and is sentenced to ten years in prison for manslaughter. In prison, he composes prose, poems, and prayers addressed to no recognizable god. He intends to produce only small benefits, no miracles. But miraculously, what he asks for happens, whether it be a girlfriend for himself or special privileges for fellow prisoners. Soon Wardlin is regarded as a local shaman, and he emerges from prison a national celebrity. Stardom pushes Wardlin into conflict with a fundamentalist minister, and. the two are destined for a showdown. In the meantime, it seems as if the god to whom Stuart prays has come into being, and is walking the earth.
Peter Straub 0.0
Willy Bryce Patrick, a children's book author is soon to be married to cold-hearted financier Mitchell Faber, at least until Willy discovers that Faber had her first family murdered. — Willy, whom Tim meets during a bookstore reading of his latest novel, lost boy lost girl, believes she is real, and learns otherwise only through Tim's painful, patient revelations. The two fall in deeply in love, but their passion seems doomed—not only is Willy's existence tenuous, but the pair are being pursued with murderous intent by Faber and his goons, as the former is in fact one form of the serial killers of lost boy lost girl, Joseph Kalendar; moreover, a terrible angel is insisting that only when Underhill makes an ultimate sacrifice, righting a wrong he did to Kalendar in lost boy lost girl, will matters resolve.

Дебютный роман

John Harwood 3.7
The ghost story comes alive in a spellbinding first novel. Viola Hatherley was a writer of ghost stories in the 1890s whose work lies forgotten until her great-grandson, as a young boy in Mawson, Australia, learns how to open the secret drawer in his mother's room. There he finds a manuscript, and from the moment his mother catches him in the act, Gerard Freeman's life is irrevocably changed. What is the invisible, ever-present threat from which his mother strives so obsessively to protect him? And why should stories written a century ago entwine themselves ever more closely around events in his own life? Gerard's quest to unveil the mystery that shrouds his family, and his life, will lead him from Mawson to London, to a long-abandoned house and the terror of a ghost story comes alive.
Susanna Clarke 4.3
The woman within the mirror drew nearer. For a moment she appeared directly behind it and they could see the elaborate embroidery and beading of her gown; then she mounted up upon the frame as a step. The surface of the mirror became softer, like a dense cloud or mist.

Centuries have passed since practical magicians faded into England's past. Only one remains: the reclusive Mr Norrell, whose magical powers - of conjuring, misdirection and resurrection - send a thrill through the country.

But cautious, fussy Norrell is challenged by the emergence of the brilliant Jonathan Strange. Young, handsome and daring, Strange is the antithesis of Norrell. And so begins a dangerous battle between two great men whose obsessions and dabblings with the dark arts will cause more trouble than they can possibly imagine.
Ник Маматас 0.0
The year is nineteen-sixty-something, and after endless millennia of watery sleep, the stars are finally right. Old R'lyeh rises out of the Pacific, ready to cast its damned shadow over the primitive human world. The first to see its peaks: an alcoholic, paranoid, and frightened Jack Kerouac, who had been drinking off a nervous breakdown up in Big Sur. Now Jack must get back on the road to find Neal Cassady, the holy fool whose rambling letters hint of a world brought to its knees in worship of the Elder God Cthulhu. Together with pistol-packin' junkie William S. Burroughs, Jack and Neal make their way across the continent to face down the murderous Lovecraftian cult that has spread its darkness to the heart of the American Dream. But is Neal along for the ride to help save the world, or does he want to destroy it just so that he'll have an ending for his book?
Dan Vining 0.0
Private investigator Jimmy Miles works the Hollywood nights. His new client is the desperate daughter of a dead man. Her father was executed for a long-ago murder--and she wants Jimmy to find out the truth about the crime and the real killer's identity. But this case isn't the only mystery keeping Jimmy up at night.

The shadowy world Jimmy inhabits is full of secrets, shared with a restless few who also roam the L.A. nightworld. They call themselves Sailors. Jimmy Miles is one of them. And he is about to discover the truth about himself.

And for a Sailor that can be a frightening thing.
Карлос Руис Сафон 4.4
Роман, который заставляет читателя погрузиться в почти мистический мир Барселоны и перемещает его в совершенно иную систему координат. Читателю предстоит вместе с главным героем встретить зловещих незнакомцев, понять и полюбить прекрасных и загадочных женщин, бродить по мрачным лабиринтам прошлого, и главное — раскрыть тайну книги, которая непостижимым образом изменяет жизнь тех, кто к ней прикасается. Удивительная книга, в которой есть все: увлекательный сюжет, блестящий стиль и будоражащие воображение тайны. НАСТОЯЩАЯ ЛИТЕРАТУРА!


Leena Krohn 3.3
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Tainaron: Mail From Another City (orig. fin. Tainaron: Postia toisesta kaupungista) is a science fiction/fantasy novel written in 1985 by Finnish author Leena Krohn. The book is regarded as the author's breakthrough novel. Tainaron was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 1985, The Nordic Council Literature Prize in 1988, the World Fantasy Award and the International Horror Guild Award in 2005. It won the Thanks for the Book Award in 1986.

Средняя Форма

Лэрд Баррон 1.7
Полицейский Пинкертон отправляется по следу кровавого убийцы-сатаниста. Его подозрение падает на бывшего артиста цирка. В процессе расследования Пинкертон осознает, что имеет дело явно не с человеком...
Стивен Галлахер 3.2
Девочка-подросток убивает собственного отца. Узнав о произошедшей трагедии, мать решает не обращаться в полицию, а избавиться от трупа мужа собственными силами...
Майкл Ши 0.0
Его зовут Карл Ларкин, ему 55 лет, и он работает в неправительственной организации, направленной на исправление и помощь наркоманам, умирающим, да и просто всем нуждающимся. На первый взгляд это абсолютно нормальный человек. Но только на первый взгляд. Потому что внутри, в душе у него творится неладное. Он безумен. У него идея фикс — стать бессмертным. И он чувствует, что близок к разгадке. И даже пожертвовал ради этого всем — семьей, детьми и, в конце концов, собственной жизнью... © ceh


Дэйл Бейли 3.3
Теперь Виндхэм все дни проводит в одиночестве, перебираясь между домами в надежде найти хоть что-нибудь интересное или встретить живого человека. Он один на всю планету, и все вокруг принадлежит ему, но это не приносит радости. Он так и не смог осознать, что в тот день наступил настоящий конец света… © god54
Марго Ланаган 3.5
Смерть — великое таинство. Погребальные обряды способны привести в ужас впечатлительного (и не только) человека. Но что делать, если родственники покойной настаивают на столь странных ритуалах?..
© Гришка

Графическая история/иллюстрированный рассказ

Хидеши Хино 3.8
Юный Санпэй мало приспособлен для жизни в человеческом обществе - в школе его донимают хулиганы, дома приходится терпеть ругань и оплеухи отца. Однако жизнь мальчика кардинально меняется после того, как его кусает странная ярко-красная гусеница. После мучительной болезни Санпэй превращается в ядовитую ползучую тварь и в своем новом обличье отправляется исследовать мир, простирающийся за стенами дома и школы.
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