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Elizabeth Hand 3.5
Cass Neary made her name in the 70s as a photographer embedded in the burgeoning punk movement in New York City. Her pictures of the musicians and the hangers-on, the infamous, the damned, and the dead, earned her a brief moment of fame. Thirty years later she is adrift, on her way down, and almost out when an old acquaintance sends her on a mercy gig to interview a famously reclusive photographer who lives on an island in Maine. When she arrives Down East, Cass stumbles across a decades-old mystery that is still claiming victims, and she finds one final shot at redemption.

Patricia Highsmith meets Patti Smith in this mesmerizing literary thriller.
Майк Миньола, Кристофер Голден 0.0
From celebrated comic artist Mike Mignola and award-winning novelist Christopher Golden comes a work of gothic storytelling like no other. Reminiscent of the illustrated tales of old, here is a lyrical, atmospheric novel of the paranormal and a chilling allegory for the nature of war.
Why do dead men rise up to torment the living? Captain Henry Baltimore asks the malevolent winged creature. The vampire shakes its head. It was you called us. All of you, with your war. The roar of your cannons shook us from our quiet graves . You killers. You berserkers . You will never be rid of us now.
When Lord Henry Baltimore awakens the wrath of a vampire on the hellish battlefields of World War I, the world is forever changed. For a virulent plague has been unleashed a plague that even death cannot end.
Now the lone soldier in an eternal struggle against darkness, Baltimore summons three old friends to a lonely inn men whose travels and fantastical experiences incline them to fully believe in the evil that is devouring the soul of mankind.
As the men await their old friend, they share their tales of terror and misadventure, and contemplate what part they will play in Baltimore s timeless battle. Before the night is through, they will learn what is required to banish the plague and the creature who named Baltimore his nemesis once and for all."
Тоби Барлоу 4.0
Sharp Teeth is a novel-in-verse that blends epic themes with dark humour, dogs playing cards, crystal meth labs, and acts of heartache and betrayal in Southern California.
Дэн Симмонс 4.4
В середине 19 века два корабля из службы географических исследований отправляются в Арктику, с целью найти Северо-Западный морской проход. Пройдя достаточно далеко на север, оба судна оказываются со всех сторон затертыми паковыми льдами. Судьба всех членов экспедиции теперь в опасности, ведь кроме нехватки угля, испорченных продуктов и постоянного холода, появилась еще одна угроза – некое чудовище, которое постепенно убивает одного человека за другим.
David Peace 5.0
It's August 1946—one year after the Japanese surrender — and women are turning up dead all over Tokyo. Detective Minami of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police — irreverent, angry, despairing — goes on the hunt for a killer known as the Japanese Bluebeard — a decorated former Imperial soldier who raped and murdered at least ten women amidst the turmoil of post-war Tokyo. As he undertakes the case, Minami is haunted by his own memories of atrocities that he can no longer explain or forgive. Unblinking in its vision of a nation in a chaotic, hellish period in its history, Tokyo Year Zero is a darkly lyrical and stunningly original crime novel.


Zoran Živković 0.0
What lies behind the human urge to collect things? What is the true psychology of the kleptomaniac? These questions bear on all of us; within every person there lurks a fanatical philatelist or a monomaniacal lepidopterist, just waiting to burst forth. In his new story cycle, Twelve Collections, Zoran Zivkovic, the master of mind-bending surreal fantasy, applies his fertile mind to this problem. Some of Zivkovic s characters are lonely eccentrics, driven to gather unusual objects by quirks of temperament or fate; others are the victims of metaphysical collectors from Beyond, entities eager to snap up memories, emotions, and other loose fragments of the soul. In these pages are explained the profound karmic consequences of photographic narcissism, insane record-keeping, the archiving of one s nail clippings, and the infinite savouring of words; here also are exemplary warnings against surrendering hope, living without creativity, accepting too blithe a Heaven, and answering the phone in the middle of a dream-haunted night. Of course, even with such sage counsel, life remains uncertain and perilous; but even if ultimate answers can never be found, a Zivkovic collection is always eminently collectable... Also in this volume: The Teashop, a superb new novelette about storytelling and the miraculous weavings of Fate.
Elizabeth Hand 3.5
Madeleine and Rogan are first cousins, best friends, twinned souls, each other's first love. Even within their large, disorderly family - all descendants of a famous actress - their intensity and passion for theater sets them apart. It makes them a little dangerous. When they are cast in their school's production of Twelfth Night, they are forced to face their separate talents and futures, and their future together. This masterful short novel, winner of the World Fantasy Award, is magic on paper.
Роберт Эдрик 0.0
An isolated, struggling fishing village, inward-looking and increasingly dependent on the outside world for its survival. And then at dawn, one early-summer morning, the fifteen-year-old Sarah Carr witnesses a group of mermaids, and immediately that small, suspicious world is divided between those of its inhabitants desperate to regard this sighting as their salvation, as something to be advertised and exploited; and those who understand only too well the ridicule, pity and contempt this might equally swiftly bring down upon them. All now depends on somehow verifying what Sarah Carr says she saw, and over the course of those few overheated days, the whole world appears in turmoil — a place of scarcelybelievable wonders and possibilities; a place of squandered opportunities, and of tawdry and regrettable compromises. And for those few tumultuous, alarming days a natural balance is irretrievably lost, and the whole village, with the girl immovable and unflinching at its centre, struggles to regain that balance and to ensure that that which might secure and safeguard its future - the sighting of the mythical creatures themselves - does not now, ultimately, lead to its destruction from within.
Laird Barron 0.0
Ройс, специалист по корпоративной безопасности, прилетает в Гонконг, чтобы найти виновных в утечке информации из азиатского филиала крупной компании. Странности начинаются еще в полете — а на гонконгской земле, в унылом жилом комплексе для иностранцев, их количество растет в геометрической прогрессии, расшатывая привычную герою реальность... Для чего старушки из соседних квартир собираются по ночам у бассейна? Что за незнакомцы бродят по коридорам, когда в доме отключается электричество? Почему кошмары Ройса так похожи на явь, и наоборот? Лучше бы ему не искать ответов...
Conrad Williams 0.0
The Eyes is a brutal place to work, let alone die. Many lives have been lost there over the years, sometimes due to faulty machinery, sometimes because of disease, and occasionally when the trapped animals turn on their executioners. But it remains the only employer for most of the people who live in and around the town of Red Meadows. The alternatives include alcohol, random violence and suicide. Some might say those were vastly more attractive. Junko Cane would disagree. Having clawed his way back from a grim life of gang warfare, he is happy with his job, despite the ogreish abattoir boss, Max Grappen. The work, though unpleasant and treacherous, puts food on the table for his wife and child. Life, such as it is, has its comforts. The shadowy past that Junko has tried to leave behind won't give him up so easily, though. When he stumbles across Max Grappen's key card Junko's curiosity gets the better of him and he uses it to access the hidden world of his employer. But he is not the only person investigating Grappen's past. The enigmatic Boa Cleethe, injury analyst, is also suspicious of the abattoir chief. And Junko's nemesis, crime lord Krave Wheaste, is breathing down his neck. What Junko and Boa discover together will not only put the wider population of Red Meadows into terrible danger, but will menace Junko's fragile family and expose the shocking, insane and murderous secrets of The Eyes.

Короткая повесть

Glen Hirshberg 0.0
В «умирающем» шахтерском городке болезненно переживающий взросление школьник Тед отчаянно пытается удержать отношения с одноклассницей Джилл и одновременно пытается разобраться в причинах деструктивного поведения школьного хулигана Мэтта, чей умирающий от неизвестной болезни отец недавно вернулся из странной поездки в Южную Америку. Связаны ли вспышки внезапного и необъяснимого насилия в действиях Мэтта с переживаниями о своем бессилии по спасению родителей или же его одолевает некая загадочная сила, которую завез с собой отец из заброшенной деревни инков?

Авторский сборник

Laird Barron 3.5
The title story of this collection - a devilishly ironic riff on H. P. Lovecraft's "Pickman's model" - was nominated for a World Fantasy Award, while "Proboscis" was nominated for an International Horror Guild award and reprinted in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 19. In addition to his previously published work, this collection contains an original story.
Sarah Monette 0.0
The dead and the monstrous will not leave Kyle Murchison Booth alone, for an unwilling foray into necromancy has made him sensitive to--and attractive to--the creatures who roam the darkness of his once-safe world. Ghosts, ghouls, incubi: all have one thing in common. They know Booth for one of their own . . .
Lucy Corin 0.0
Lucy Corin's daring debut story collection interweaves the traditional and the experimental, leading the reader through a world where characters behave normally in the most extreme situations and bizarrely with almost no provocation at all. Corin is an original, stylistically courageous emerging voice in contemporary avant-garde fiction.
Jim Shepard 0.0
Like You’d Understand, Anyway reaches from Chernobyl to Bridgeport, with a host of narrators only Shepard could bring to pitch-perfect life. Among them: a middle-aged Aeschylus taking his place at Marathon, still vying for parental approval. A maddeningly indefatigable Victorian explorer hauling his expedition, whaleboat and all, through the Great Australian Desert in midsummer. The first woman in space and her cosmonaut lover, caught in the star-crossed orbits of their joint mission. Two Texas high school football players at the top of their food chain, soliciting their fathers’ attention by leveling everything before them on the field. And the rational and compassionate chief executioner of Paris, whose occupation, during the height of the Terror, eats away at all he holds dear.

Brimming with irony, compassion, and withering humor, these eleven stories are at once eerily pertinent and dazzlingly exotic, and they showcase the work of a protean, prodigiously gifted writer at the height of his form. Reading Jim Shepard, according to Michael Chabon, “is like encountering our national literature in microcosm.”
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