Вручение 2002 г.

Страна: Франция Дата проведения: 2002 г.

Французский роман

Patrick Pécherot 0.0
Quatre copains de Montmartre, vaguement anars, vivant de petits boulots, s'associent pour cambrioler les maisons des bourgeois. Une nuit, ils dévalisent la maison du comte de Klercq et trouvent dans le coffre fort, en lieu et place de billets, un cadavre.

Зарубежный роман

Питер Дикинсон 0.0
CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson is back: Now-retired Scotland Yard superintendent James Pibble isn’t about to go quietly into the night—not when there’s a murder case or two (or three) to solve

At Flycatchers, a well-to-do nursing home watched over by no-nonsense nurse Jenny, one-time detective James Pibble shuttles between his nothing-to-live-for present and memories of the crimes he’s solved—or failed to. He’s roused from his listless existence when he discovers a dead body on top of the water tower.

Security guard George Tosca isn’t the only one at Flycatchers who has met his maker a bit too abruptly. There have been other suspicious deaths in the last three years, including those of military man Sir Archibald Gunter and Bertie Foster-Banks, an inveterate gambler and shareholder in the home. The arrival of a woman in black sets off a sinister chain of events, and before he knows it, Pibble is on the case.

As he travels down a twisting path of blackmail and escalating violence, Pibble finds that his life is suddenly filled with purpose again. He will bring a cunning killer to justice—or die trying. But the real reason he went up to the tower on that stormy winter night is linked to a secret he’ll carry to his grave.