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О премии

Медаль Эндрю Карнеги — ежегодная литературная награда США, присуждаемая за выдающиеся достижения в литературе и публицистике авторам книг, изданных в США.

Медаль была учреждена в 2012 году и названа в честь американского предпринимателя и филантропа Эндрю Карнеги, который глубоко верил в силу книг и обучения в деле изменения мира.

Учредителями и спонсорами премии являются Корпорация Карнеги Нью-Йорка и Американская библиотечная ассоциация (ALA).

Медаль присуждается за книги, изданные в предыдущем календарном году, по двум номинациям:
- художественная литература,
- публицистика.

В сентябре обнародуется длинный список, состоящий не более чем из 50 произведений.
В октябре, на мероприятии в ALA Midwinter Meeting объявляются шесть финалистов (по три финалиста в каждой номинации). Два победителя (по одному в каждой номинации) объявляются на церемонии вручения премий Rusa Book and Media Awards на заседании Американской библиотечной ассоциации в середине зимы.

Лауреатам вручают медали Эндрю Карнеги и денежные премии в размере 5 000 долларов США, финалисты получают только денежные премии в размере 1 500 долларов.

Жанры: Современная зарубежная литература, Публицистическая литература, Публицистика, Современная проза Страны: США Язык: Английский Первое вручение: 2012 г. Последнее вручение: 2020 г. Официальный сайт: http://www.ala.org/awardsgrants/carnegieadult


Художественная книга
Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction

Премия присуждается за выдающиеся достижения в художественной литературе.

Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Nonfiction

Премия присуждается за выдающиеся достижения в публицистике.

Художественная книга
Валериа Луизелли 3.8
From the two-time NBCC Finalist, a fiercely imaginative novel about a family's summer road trip across America - a journey that, with breathtaking imagery, spare lyricism, and profound humanity, probes the nature of justice and equality in America today.

A mother and father set out with their kids from New York to Arizona. In their used Volvo - and with their ten-year-old son trying out his new Polaroid camera - the family is heading for the Apacheria: the region the Apaches once called home, and where the ghosts of Geronimo and Cochise might still linger. The father, a sound documentarist, hopes to gather an "inventory of echoes" from this historic, mythic place. The mother, a radio journalist, becomes consumed by the news she hears on the car radio, about the thousands of children trying to reach America but getting stranded at the southern border, held in detention centers, or being sent back to their homelands, to an unknown fate.
But as the family drives farther west - through Virginia to Tennessee, across Oklahoma and Texas - we sense they are on the brink of a crisis of their own. A fissure is growing between the parents, one the children can feel beneath their feet. They are led, inexorably, to a grand, unforgettable adventure - both in the harsh desert landscape and within the chambers of their own imaginations.
Told through the voices of the mother and her son, as well as through a stunning tapestry of collected texts and images - including prior stories of migration and displacement - "Lost Children Archive" is a story of how we document our experiences, and how we remember the things that matter to us the most. Blending the personal and the political with astonishing empathy, it is a powerful, wholly original work of fiction: exquisite, provocative, and deeply moving.
Адам Хиггинботам 4.7
The definitive, dramatic untold story of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, based on original reporting and new archival research.

April 25, 1986, in Chernobyl, was a turning point in world history. The disaster not only changed the world’s perception of nuclear power and the science that spawned it, but also our understanding of the planet’s delicate ecology. With the images of the abandoned homes and playgrounds beyond the barbed wire of the 30-kilometer Exclusion Zone, the rusting graveyards of contaminated trucks and helicopters, the farmland lashed with black rain, the event fixed for all time the notion of radiation as an invisible killer.

Chernobyl was also a key event in the destruction of the Soviet Union, and, with it, the United States’ victory in the Cold War. For Moscow, it was a political and financial catastrophe as much as an environmental and scientific one. With a total cost of 18 billion rubles—at the time equivalent to $18 billion—Chernobyl bankrupted an already teetering economy and revealed to its population a state built upon a pillar of lies.

The full story of the events that started that night in the control room of Reactor No.4 of the V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Plant has never been told—until now. Through two decades of reporting, new archival information, and firsthand interviews with witnesses, journalist Adam Higginbotham tells the full dramatic story, including Alexander Akimov and Anatoli Dyatlov, who represented the best and worst of Soviet life; denizens of a vanished world of secret policemen, internal passports, food lines, and heroic self-sacrifice for the Motherland. Midnight in Chernobyl, award-worthy nonfiction that reads like sci-fi, shows not only the final epic struggle of a dying empire but also the story of individual heroism and desperate, ingenious technical improvisation joining forces against a new kind of enemy.

Интересные факты

В 2018 году медаль Эндрю Карнеги в номинации "Публицистика" была первоначально присуждена Шерману Алекси (Sherman Alexie) за его книгу "Вам не нужно говорить, что вы меня любите: мемуары" (You Don't Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir), но Алекси отказался от награды на фоне обвинений его в сексуальных домогательствах. В ответ на это организаторы Премии объявили, что признают его решение и медаль Карнеги за документальную книгу в 2018 году присуждаться не будет.


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