О премии

Премия Киркус - национальная награда за лучшее произведение, учрежденная к 80-летнему юбилею создания американского журнала "Киркус. Отзывы" (Kirkus Reviews).

В 1932 году американка Вирджиния Киркус (1893-1980) основала собственную службу книжного обозрения. Служба получала гранки книг, готовящихся к публикации, и рецензировала их. С начала существования службы поступало около 20 гранок, почти 80 лет спустя служба уже получала сотни книг в неделю и рецензировала около 100.
В 1933 году Вирджинией Киркус был основан журнал "Киркус. Отзывы". Дважды в месяц он публикует информацию о готовящихся к публикациям книгах, способствуя этим развитию издательской индустрии и повышению читательского интереса. За год публикуется примерно о 7 000 произведениях.

Премия Киркуса была учреждена журналом "Киркус. Отзывы" в 2014 году и является одной из самых богатых литературных премий в мире. Каждый лауреат получает $ 50 000.

Премия вручается в трех номинациях:
- художественная книга (Kirkus Prize for Fiction)
- документальная книга (Kirkus Prize for Nonfiction)
- книга для детей и юношества (Kirkus Prize for Young Readers' Literature).

Штаб-квартира журнала находится в Нью-Йорке.


Художественная книга
Kirkus Prize for Fiction
Документальная книга
Kirkus Prize for Nonfiction
Книга для детей и юношества
Kirkus Prize for Young Readers' Literature
Художественная книга
Эрнан Диас 5.0
From an award-winning chronicler of our nation's history and its legends comes his much-anticipated novel about wealth and talent, trust and intimacy, truth and perception.

Even through the roar and effervescence of the 1920s, everyone in New York has heard of Benjamin and Helen Rask. He is a legendary Wall Street tycoon; she is the brilliant daughter of eccentric aristocrats. Together, they have risen to the very top of a world of seemingly endless wealth. But the secrets around their affluence and grandeur incites gossip. Rumors about Benjamin's financial maneuvers and Helen's reclusiveness start to spread--all as a decade of excess and speculation draws to an end. At what cost have they acquired their immense fortune?

This is the mystery at the center of a successful 1938 novel entitled Bonds, which all of New York seems to have read. But it isn't the only version.

Hernan Diaz's Trust brilliantly puts the story of these characters into conversation with other accounts--and in tension with the life and perspective of a young woman bent on disentangling fact from fiction. The result is a novel that becomes more exhilarating and profound with each new layer and revelation. Provocative and propulsive, Trust engages the reader in a quest for the truth while confronting the reality-warping gravitational pull of money and how power often manipulates facts. An elegant, multifaceted epic that recovers the voices buried under the myths that justify our foundational inequality, Trust is a literary triumph with a beating heart and urgent stakes.
Документальная книга
Tanaïs 0.0
Fragrance has long been used to mark who is civilized and who is barbaric, who is pure and who is polluted, who is free and who is damned—

Focusing their gaze on our most primordial sense, writer and perfumer Tanaïs weaves a brilliant and expansive memoir, a reckoning that offers a critical, alternate history of South Asia from an American Bangladeshi Muslim femme perspective. From stories of their childhood in the South, Midwest, and New York; to transcendent experiences with lovers, psychedelics, and fragrances; to trips home to their motherland, Tanaïs builds a universe of memories and scent: a sensorium. Alongside their personal history, and at the very heart of this work, is an interrogation of the ancient violence of caste, rape culture, patriarchy, war, and the inherited ancestral trauma of being from a lush land constantly denuded, a land still threatened and disappearing because of colonization, capitalism, and climate change.

Structured like a perfume—moving from base to heart to head notes—IN SENSORIUM interlaces eons of South Asian perfume history, erotic and religious texts, survivor testimonies, and material culture with memoir. In Sensorium is archive and art, illuminating the great crises of our time with the language of Liberation.
Книга для детей и юношества
Хармони Бекер 4.6
Living in a new country is no walk in the park.

When Nao returns to Tokyo to reconnect with her Japanese heritage, she books a yearlong stay at the Himawari sharehouse. There she meets Hyejung and Tina, two other girls who came to Japan to freely forge their own paths. The trio live together, share meals, and even attend the same Japanese-language school, which results in them becoming fast friends. But will they be able to hold one another up as life tests them with new loves, old heartbreaks, and the everyday challenges of being fish out of water?