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Лучший детективный роман

Laura Lippmann 3.3
middle-aged woman causes an accident on the Baltimore Beltway, flees the scene and is later picked up wandering on the shoulder of the Interstate. The accident occurs just a mile from the former home of the Bethany family, Dave and Miriam and their daughters Sunny and Heather. Thirty years before, twelve-year-old Heather persuaded her older sister Sunny to let her tag along on a visit to the mall. Neither of the girls has been seen since. Now, the woman on the Beltway claims to be Heather Bethany. Today she has a different name; a different identity. What has prompted this woman to announce her true - if it is true - identity at this moment? With her customary acute intelligence and empathy, Laura Lippman deftly unpeels the layers of Heather's past: revealing her parents, sister, friends, teachers, and the detective who handled the case, until the truth about what happened to Heather and Sunny on that long ago afternoon is finally uncovered.
Джон Харт 4.1
У этой реки он стал таким. Здесь, на берегах, затопленных алчностью, позором и кровью, он будет отстаивать не только свое имя, но и свою жизнь. В детстве Адам пережил нечто, чего не должен переживать никто. Травма перекроила душу, сделала непохожим на других, вечно подозреваемым изгоем. Лишь чудом избежав наказания за убийство, которого не совершал, он исчез из маленького городка на пять лет, растворился в серой безликости Нью-Йорка. А сейчас вдруг вернулся. Никто не знает причин его возвращения. Но когда появляется новый труп, все уверены: ответить за это должен именно Адам…
Charlie Huston 0.0
Blood spilled on the asphalt of this town long years gone has left a stain, and it’s spreading. Not that a thing like that matters to teenagers like George, Hector, Paul, and Andy. It’s summer 1983 in a northern California suburb, and these working-class kids have been killing time the usual ways: ducking their parents, tinkering with their bikes, and racing around town getting high and boosting their neighbors’ meds. Just another typical summer break in the burbs. Till Andy’s bike is stolen by the town’s legendary petty hoods, the Arroyo brothers. When the boys break into the Arroyos’ place in search of the bike, they stumble across the brothers’ private industry: a crank lab. Being the kind of kids who rarely know better, they do what comes naturally: they take a stash of crank to sell for quick cash. But doing so they unleash hidden rivalries and crimes, and the dark and secret past of their town and their families.
William Landay 3.4
Before the New York Times bestselling success of Defending Jacob, William Landay wrote this widely acclaimed second novel of crime and suspense, which was named a Favorite Crime Novel of the Year by the Los Angeles Times and several other newspapers.

Boston, 1963. Meet the charming, brawling Daley brothers. Joe is a cop whose gambling habits have dragged him down into the city’s underworld. Michael is a lawyer, always the smartest man in the room. And Ricky is the youngest son, a prince of thieves whose latest heist may be his last. For the Daleys, crime is the family business—they’re simply on different sides of it. Then a killer, a man who hunts women with brutal efficiency and no sign of stopping, strikes too close to the Daley home. The brothers unite to find the Strangler, a journey that leads to the darkest corners of Boston—and exposes an even deeper mystery that threatens to tear the family apart.
Роберт Крейс 4.4
Как бы ни была сложна ситуация, бывший наемник и частный детектив Джо Пайк неизменно справляется с ней, не проявляя ни единой эмоции. Однако, когда богатый лос-анджелесский бизнесмен поручает ему защиту своей избалованной юной дочери, Пайку приходится не только переигрывать безжалостного и неизвестного врага, но и противостоять чарам своей взбалмошной подопечной.

Лучший дебютный роман

Сэйки Маркус 3.6
Много лет назад Дэнни и Эван решили ограбить ломбард.
Казалось бы - легкая и быстрая нажива...
Но налет превратился в кровавую бойню. Дэнни успел убежать - а его друг был арестован, взял все на себя и сел в тюрьму...
Прошли годы. Дэнни стал другим человеком - женился и почти забыл о прошлом.
Но однажды прошлое вернулось и напомнило о себе.
Вышедший из тюрьмы Эван явился к бывшему подельнику и потребовал заплатить по счетам.
Его условия: Дэнни в последний раз пойдет с ним на дело и поможет похитить сына владельца строительной компании.
Иначе Эван убьет не только самого Дэнни, но и его семью.
Дэнни делает вид, что согласен, но в то же время начинает собственную опасную игру...
Тана Френч 3.9
Детектив Роб Райан никогда и никому не рассказывал о самом страш­ном дне своего детства, когда двое его друзей бесследно исчезли в лесу, а самого его нашли лишь чудом. Он был весь забрызган кровью и не пом­нил абсолютно ничего. И вот теперь прошлое возвращается...
В том же лесу обнаружено тело жестоко убитой двенадцатилетней Кэти Девлин - и Робу вместе с напарницей Кэсси Мэддокс поручено расследовать это преступление. У Роба нет никаких зацепок - только смутные воспоминания и слухи, окружающие загадочную гибель девочки.
Но интуиция подсказывает: раскрыть тайну смерти Кэти он сможет, если восстановит в памяти то, что случилось с ним много лет назад в лес­ной чаще...
Джейсон Пинтер 0.0
Right as I'm about to die, I realize all the myths are fake. There's no white light at the end of a tunnel. My life isn't flashing before my eyes.

All I can think about is how much I want to live.

I moved to New York City a month ago to become the best journalist the world had ever seen. To find the greatest stories never told. And now here I am Henry Parker, twenty-four years old and weary beyond rational thought, a bullet one trigger pull from ending my life.

I can't run. Running is all Amanda and I have done for the past seventy-two hours. And I'm tired. Tired of knowing the truth and not being able to tell it.

Five minutes ago I thought I had the story all figured out.

I knew that both of these men one an FBI agent, the other an assassin wanted me dead, but for very different reasons.

If I die tonight more people will die tomorrow.
Гордон Кэмпбелл 0.0
In this electrifying debut thriller, a brilliant defense lawyer takes on a murder case with ingenious twists

Phoenix, Arizona, 1973. A beautiful woman, armed with a gun and accompanied by her twelve-year-old daughter, enters a house. Shots are fired. The woman and her daughter leave the house. Inside, her husband lies dead.

The case seems open and shut. The cops, the attorney general's office, and the media are certain the woman is guilty. The only witness to the shooting is in a catatonic state and cannot testify. But the murdered man's wealthy father believes he owes the woman something and hires Dan Morgan, the best lawyer in Phoenix, to defend her.

When the legendary criminal attorney takes on a case it's to win, no matter what the odds. But for Morgan and his young protégé, Doug McKenzie, there are no easy answers, only mysteries, and the question of innocence and guilt take on profound new meaning.

Combining the riveting suspense of Presumed Innocent with the raw ambition and power of All the King's Men, this full-bodied novel introduces a writer of great skill and insight into the human character.
Дэйв Уайт 0.0
A hit and run. Simple as that. And suddenly harmless old Gerry Figuroa is lying dead on the asphalt. New Jersey cop turned private investigator Jackson Donne sure as hell doesn’t want to investigate his drinking buddy’s death, but he’s made a promise that leaves him no choice.

And before long, he’s drawing uncomfortably close to a murderer.

Meanwhile, an apparently routine divorce case takes a dangerous turn, and sinister connections to Gerry’s death start to emerge. Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, Donne learns that a bitter old enemy is mixed up in the whole mess. Bill Martin, his ex–Narcotics Department partner, has secrets to expose that could reopen the still-aching wounds of Donne’s past. Permanently.

Donne would like nothing better than to crawl back into a bottle and forget he ever heard Gerry Figuroa’s name, but it’s too late for that. Now he’s in way too deep, tangled up in a plot whose tendrils reach far into his town’s past—and his own.