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Вручение 7 октября 2004 г.

Страна: США Место проведения: г. Торонто, Канада, Bouchercon XXXV Дата проведения: 7 октября 2004 г.

Лучший роман

Laura Lippman 0.0

It is early evening, summer time and hot. Two eleven year old girls, Alice and Ronnie, are on their way home from a swimming party when they happen to see a baby's stroller, with baby girl sleeping inside, left unattended on the top step of a house. Ronnie says to Alice: 'We have to take care of this baby.' But what exactly does she mean? Four days later the body of little Olivia Barnes is discovered in a hut in Baltimore's rambling Leakin Park by a young rookie detective, Nancy Porter. What can have happened in those four days to bring about this appalling crime? The girls are arrested and found guilty. Seven years later Ronnie and Alice, now eighteen, are released from their separate prisons, back into their old neighbourhood where the mother of baby Olivia still lives. Another child goes missing, and Nancy Porter and her partner get the case ...
Джайлс Блант 3.6
В лесу близ городка Алгонкин-бей в канадской провинции Онтарио находят растерзанные зверями останки американского туриста. Через некоторое время в том же лесу обнаруживают труп молодой женщины-врача. Расследование поручают сотрудникам местной полиции Джону Кардиналу и Лиз Делорм.
Деннис Лихэйн 4.3
Летом 1954 года судебные приставы Тедди Дэниелс и Чак Ауле приезжают в больницу для невменяемых преступников «Эшклиф», чтобы разобраться в загадочном исчезновении одной из пациенток — детоубийцы Рейчел Соландо. В расследование вмешивается ураган, отрезавший остров от внешнего мира. Постепенно Тедди начинает понимать, что в «Эшклифе» все не так, как может показаться на первый взгляд…
Steve Hamilton 0.0
Before Blood is the Sky, the Alex McKnight series had already hit bestseller lists and won awards, but this novel took it to a whole new level. Set in the forests of northern Ontario, a land of savage beauty and sudden danger, Blood is the Sky shows why Steve Hamilton is one of the most acclaimed crime novelists writing today.

Alex McKnight isn't a man with many friends, but the few he has know they're never alone in a fix. So when Vinnie LeBlanc asks for his help in taking a trip deep into Canada in search of his missing brother, he knows he can count on Alex. His brother had taken a job as a hunting guide for a rough crew of Detroit "businessmen." The group was due back days ago, yet there's been no sign of them, and there's mounting evidence of something odd about their disappearing act. The trackless forests of northern Ontario keep many secrets, but none more shocking than the one that Alex is about to uncover. And the more closely Alex looks for answers, the more questions there become.
Peter Robinson 4.5
There are human bones buried in an open field, the remains of a lost teenaged boy whose disappearance devastated a community more than thirty-five years ago ... and scarred a guilt-ridden friend forever. A long-hidden horror has been

Лучший дебютный роман

Пи Джей Трейси 3.9
Как только к новой компьютерной игре под названием "найди маньяка-убийцу" был открыт доступ, в реальной жизни произошли убийства, в точности повторившие два первых сценария. Разработчик игры Грейс Макбрайд и ее друзья-интеллектуалы попали в тиски. Если сообщить полиции о связи между игрой и убийствами, это привлечет внимание к их прошлому, которое они хотели бы навсегда стереть из памяти. Если не сообщить, то погибнет еще восемнадцать человек
Эрин Харт 3.8
В древнем ирландском болоте найдена голова молодой рыжеволосой женщины. Провинциальный городок Доннегал шокирован этой страшной и интригующей находкой. На место выезжают археологи Кормак Магуайр и Нора Гейвин. Результаты проведенной ими экспертизы непостижимым образом оказываются связаны с полицейским расследованием о недавно пропавшей жене и ребенке землевладельца Осборна. Тайна исповеди, опоздавшее на сотни лет признание священнослужителя и ритуальное убийство… Почему раскрытие давних исторических тайн превращает главного подозреваемого в жертву семейных интриг?..
Жаклин Уинспир 3.2
Муж подозревает жену в неверности и просит Мейси Доббс проследить за ней. Выясняется, что никакой измены не было. Однако рутинное дело ревнивого мужа скоро превращается для Мейси в увлекательное расследование тайны фермы, где один за другим гибнут при загадочных обстоятельствах обитатели…

Потрясающе написанный детектив, вызывающий в памяти лучшие произведения Агаты Кристи.
«New York Times»
Rebecca Pawel 0.0
"Pawel anchors a tense and exciting story with a terrific and complex plot."—Detroit Free Press

"[Pawel] turns the clock back to 1939 and Madrid’s tumultuous past. . . . An intriguing juxtaposition of the political and the personal."—Kirkus Reviews

"An intriguing tale amid the gloom of war-torn Madrid. It is a humane and moving portrait of a divided people coming to grips with the virtues of enemies and the villainy of friends."—Dan Fesperman

Madrid 1939. Carlos Tejada Alonso y León is a Sergeant in the Guardia Civil, a rank rare for a man not yet thirty, but Tejada is an unusual recruit. The bitter civil war between the Nationalists and the Republicans has interrupted his legal studies in Salamanca. Second son of a conservative Southern family of landowners, he is an enthusiast for the Catholic Franquista cause, a dedicated, and now triumphant, Nationalist.

This war has drawn international attention. In a dress rehearsal for World War II, fascists support the Nationalists, while communists have come to the aid of the Republicans. Atrocities have devastated both sides. It is at this moment, when the Republicans have surrendered, and the Guardia Civil has begun to impose order in the ruins of Madrid, that Tejada finds the body of his best friend, a hero of the siege of Toledo, shot to death on a street named Amor de Dios. Naturally, a Red is suspected. And it is easy for Tejada to assume that the woman caught kneeling over the body is the killer. But when his doubts are aroused, he cannot help seeking justice.
Lono Waiwaiole 0.0
Wiley's Lament is a violent, profane, and graphic look at a life that has spun off its rails in the wrong part of town, but it's also about remorse, renewal, and the flickering possibility of redemption.

Wiley is a man who ripped his life apart with his bare hands and is now drifting through the remains like a ghost, making ends meet by playing poker when the cards run well enough and ripping off drug dealers when the cards run bad. He is separated from his long-suffering wife-permanently, so far-and his daughter hadn't spoken to him for a year by the time she turns up in a motel room cut deep, too deep to keep breathing, by a really bad man.

Wiley drifts through the nasty underside of Portland's sex industry in search of the murderer, but he takes two steps back for every forward stride. His progress impeded by the life he has been living, Wiley reexamines his existence as the bullets fly, blood flows, and love (or a reasonable facsimile) flickers faintly.

By the time the journey winds to its final dead end, Wiley has begun the process of getting to know himself and the daughter he lost. Where exactly that leaves him remains to be seen, but then that's why sequels were invented.

Лучший роман в обложке

Robin Burcell 0.0
San Francisco P.D. Homicide Inspector Kate Gillespie's investigation into a bizarre apparent murder/suicide is threatening to careen out of control. A dead man might not be dead. The families of the deceased are hiding something. And there are blood-soaked threads reaching into some very lofty places. But most perplexing of all are the shocking revelations of one of the "victims" dark and dangerous history -- the more Kate learns, the less she knows. It's a case that has placed Kate Gillespie on the hot seat as her investigation gets bigger by the moment -- and puts her perilously high on a rabid killer's hit list.
Elaine Flinn 0.0
Elizabeth Porter was a top-of-the-line Manhattan antiques dealer until her ex-husband and his lover's flagrantly criminal scam left her reputation in tatters. Now, using a new name, Molly Doyle, she's starting over a continent away in a rundown antiques shop in cozy Carmel, California. Molly is determined to make the best of it. But the early antiques bird sometimes gets more than the worm, and one prompt arrival places her at a murder site with a corpse in her arms. After she turns up at a second seemingly unrelated death, the abrasive new police chief considers Molly the prime suspect. Now the only way to clear her name is for Molly to find her own path to a killer, which will leave her either exonerated ... or dead
Sylvia Maultash Warsh 0.0
Winner of the 2004 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Paperback Original, short-listed for the 2004 Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original and for Best Historical Mystery

Still coming to terms with the death of her husband, Dr. Rebecca Temple tries to continue her practice and carry on with life as usual. She meets a charming Polish count who has written a historical novel based on his own family. During a visit to his home, she discovers a murder and soon realizes that the count’s manuscript may contain clues to the killer’s identity.

Frustrated by the inaction of a skeptical police department, she scours the manuscript for answers. As she reads, she journeys back to Enlightenment Europe and uncovers the true story of a love affair between the girl who would become Catharine the Great, and the young man who would become the last king of Poland.

In this eagerly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed To Die in Spring, Sylvia Maultash Warsh engages readers in an enthralling mystery that spans three centuries.
Jason Starr 0.0
Mickey Prada's a nice kid. He works hard at a neighborhood seafood market in Brooklyn putting fish on ice. He’s got a nice girlfriend. He even delayed college a year, to help his sick dad. But Mickey’s got a problem. A customer at the fish store, Angelo Santoro, keeps asking Mickey to place bets for him and Angelo keeps losing. As Angelo gets further in the hole, his bad luck is turning out to be Mickey’s too.

Now Mickey’s got his bookie after him and Angelo’s showing him the butt of his pistol rather than paying him back. So when his best friend, Chris, asks Mickey to join him on a can’t-lose caper, Mickey decides to go along. But, surefire schemes often have a way of backfiring, and this one is sending Mickey into an uncharted part of Brooklyn, where fish like Chris and Mickey have trouble just staying alive.

Лучший роман для детей и подростков

Джоан Роулинг 4.7
Самое интересное только начинается!
Книга, покорившая мир, эталон литературы для читателей всех возрастов, синоним успеха. Книга, сделавшая Дж.К.Роулинг самым читаемым писателем современности. Книга, ставшая культовой уже для нескольких поколений.
ГАРРИ ПОТТЕР И ОРДЕН ФЕНИКСА - история продолжается.
Йон Колфер 4.2
Артемису Фаулу всего двенадцать лет. Он, по меньшей мере, вундеркинд, а возможно даже и гений. Его любимое занятие — разработка коварнейших планов. Его семья — настоящая легенда преступного мира. За много поколений Фаулы нажили нешуточное состояние, но в конце XX века их положение изрядно пошатнулось. Отец Артемиса — между прочим, главный виновник семейного краха — исчез в неизвестном направлении; мать от горя слегла и с трудом узнает собственного сына. В общем, от былого величия семьи Фаул осталось, прямо скажем, не так уж много. Поэтому Артемис полон решимости исправить ошибки отца и вернуть семье утраченную славу и великолепие. Причем он намерен сделать это самым необычным способом, какой только можно вообразить. Для достижения цели Артемису нужно золото — и в немалых количествах. А где еще найти золото, кроме как у волшебного народца? Значит, юному наследнику семьи Фаул придется поближе познакомиться с эльфами и лепреконами…
Bridget Crowley 0.0
People say that John is lucky to be taken in by the choir school. But it's hard for John to feel grateful for being cold and hungry, constantly bullied, and punished by the canons for things he didn't do. John's friendship with another chorister, Hugh, makes life seem a little less bleak. And the Feast of Fools is coming -- an annual festival and procession culminating in a great banquet. For one day of the festival, a chorister is chosen to be the Boy Bishop, performing the clergy's duties in the cathedral. This year Hugh has been selected. But sinister forces are at work and, on the night of the feast, a canon is found murdered. Then Hugh disappears. Only John, the outsider, dares to probe the dark heart of the cathedral to discover the startling truth.

Set amid the harsh and prejudicial landscape of medieval Britain, "Feast of Fools" is a fast-paced mystery that will grip readers completely from the beginning all the way to the surprising conclusion.
Kathleen Karr 0.0
It's summer vacation, 1896, and Miles and his brother must spend it with rich, irritable Uncle Eustace, who wants to purchase art for his mansion. Little do the boys know that their summer will take them on a high-flying chase across Italy and Germany, searching for an answer to the mysterious disappearance of thier uncle's servant and six woodcuts by the famous Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer. Unwittingly they become entangled in an international ring of conspirators, and must save the world from a dark force masquerading as a benign secret society.
Norah McClintock 0.0
When Caleb Drake comes home from prison, nobody in town wants him back. Nobody except Chloe, who has seen the smile that Terri - the young woman that Caleb supposedly hurt - gives him. Chloe is sure that Caleb didn't do it. The trouble is, how is she going to prove it? Caleb himself is no help at all - in fact, he gets into more scrapes with the law. So it looks like it's up to Chloe to prove his innocence. The fifth book in the acclaimed Chloe and Levesque series, featuring the smart talking sleuth with attitude to spare.

Лучший рассказ

Лучшая критическая или научно-популярная работа

Gary Warren Niebuhr 0.0
This unique book describes and organizes nearly 2,500 mystery titles. Divided into sections-amateur, public, and private detective-titles are then categorized as traditional classic, eccentric, lone wolf, and so on. Niebuhr even notes whether each detective is of the hardboiled, softboiled (cozy), or traditional type. Author, title, subject, character, and location indexes offer further access. With more than 2,500 titles and more than 200 authors, this book provides an excellent understanding of the genre. An indispensable resource for librarians and mystery fans.

If you've been searching for a comprehensive readers' advisory guide for mystery and detective fiction, look no further. With more than 2,500 titles and more than 200 authors, this book will provide you with an excellent overview and a thorough understanding of the genre, from topics of interest, a history of mystery fiction, and subgenres, to hints for advising readers, and a discussion of collection development and preservation techniques. Even with no prior knowledge about the genre, with this guide you will find it easy to answer questions raised by readers. And if you're an avid reader of mystery and detective fiction, you will love this book as you explore titles and gain an even deeper insight into the genre. Books can be searched by author, title, character, subject, and location. An indispensable resource for library professionals, educators, and mystery fans!
Colleen Barnett 0.0
Many bibliographers focus on women who write. Lawyer Barnett looks at women who detect, at women as sleuths and at the evolving roles of women in professions and in society. Excellent for all women's studies programs as well as for the mystery hound.
Sarah Waters 4.0
Traumatized by her parents’ decision to give up the rectory in Hampshire where she grew up, Austen had been unable to write for ten years. During that time she moved from one rented property to another and it was only when her brother Edward offered her a permanent home in his Chawton House Estate that she had the peace and security to pick up her pen again. All of her novels were written or published while she lived there.

Dancing with Mr. Darcy is the very best short fiction inspired by Jane Austen or Chawton House as judged by Sarah Waters, bestselling author of Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith. In addition to featuring the winning piece of fiction and nineteen other stories, this anthology contains introductions from Sarah Waters, as well as from Rebecca Smith, the great-great-great-great-great niece of Jane Austen.
Jon Jordan 0.0
Mystery addict and Anthony Award winning Crimespree Magazine editor Jon Jordan interviews 25 authors in the mystery genre. This is a great peek into the minds of some of the biggest names in mysteries (and some you may not have heard of, but should have).

Interviewee's are: Colin Bateman, Loren D. Estleman, Warren Murphy, Mark Billingham, Steve Hamilton, George Pelecanos, Cara Black, Charlaine Harris, Manuel Ramos, Stephen Booth, Vicki Hendricks, Ian Rankin, Max Allan Collins, Laura Lippman, Peter Robinson, John Connolly, Lise McClendon, SJ Rozan, Jeffery Deaver, Val McDermid, Barbara Seranella, Sean Doolittle, Katy Munger, Charles Todd and Brian Wiprud.

Includes sample chapters from Richard Barre's THE GHOSTS OF MORNING, Terry Holland's CHICAGO SHIVER and Trey R. Barker's 2,000 MILES TO OPEN ROAD.
Andrew Wilson 4.0
A biography of the celebrated author of classics such as "Strangers on a Train" and "The Talented Mr Ripley".
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