Вручение 21 сентября 1990 г.

Лучший кинофильм - "Преступления и проступки" (Crimes and Misdemeanors)
Лучший телефильм - "Инспектор Морс" (Inspector Morse).

Страна: США Место проведения: г.Лондон, Англия, Bouchercon XXI Дата проведения: 21 сентября 1990 г.

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Сьюзан Данлэп 0.0
At the promising start to a new detective series by the author of the Jill Smith mysteries, a young priest is found hanged in particularly compromising circumstances in his parish church in Phoenix, Ariz. To determine whether the death was suicide or murder, the diocese's bishop calls upon Kiernan O'Shaughnessy, a young medical examiner turned private eye. Kiernan runs into obstacles at every turn, not the least of which are the cremation of the priest's body before an autopsy could be performed and her name forged on his false death certificate. While struggling with her own painful memories dredged up by the case, Kiernan uncovers a clan of hostile mountain villagers, a bizarre castle, a hidden shelter for abused women, and the diocese's plan to build an elegant retreat-resort in the nearby White Bone Mountains. Feisty Kiernan has appeal, but her debut is overburdened with subplots, complaints about the weather and hard-to-credit emotional conflicts regarding Kiernan's sister.
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Carolyn G. Hart 0.0
When mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance is invited to teach "The Three Great Ladies of the Mystery" class at Chastain Community College, the sometime sleuth discovers that all is not strictly academic in Chastain's hallowed halls of learning. And when a shocking scandal in the school newspaper erupts in a suicide and two violent deaths, Professor Laurance enlists the talents of her new hubby, private eye Max Darling, and dons her thinking cap to probe intrigue and vengeance among Chastain's faculty.
A Dangerous Thing

Max and Annie, with dubious help from three of their own great ladies of the mystery -- Annie's pixilated mother-in-law, a batty local dowager, and a Christie crime fanatic -- learn that just about everyone at the school had means, motive, and access to the murder weapons. From the secretly boozing professor of advertising to the muscle-bound campus cad who barters passing grades for a little extracurricular activity, anyone on the faculty is a possible killer -- waiting to strike again!
Margaret Maron 0.0
A relic of Manhattan's Gilded Age, the Erich Bruel House on Gramercy Park contained three floors of glorious art--and one Christmas corpse. Now it's up to Lieutenant Sigrid Harald to wrap up this homicide before the killer strikes again in this classic mystery by the author of Rituals of the Season.

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Karen Kijewski 0.0
When private eye Kat Colorado accepts a routine assignment investigating one man's finances, she never dreams that she will become embroiled in the elaborate, illegal, and dangerous scheming of a madman.
Джилл Черчилль 0.0
It's So hard to Kill Good Help These Days. . .With three kids to raise on her own, Jane Jeffry sometimes needs a hand with the housework. But many of her complaining neighbors believe that the Happy Helper cleaning lady they all share wouldn't know a dustball if she was choking on it. That hardly seems reason enough, however, to do the disreputable domestic in.

So when the charwoman in question is discovered strangled to death with a vacuum cleaner cord, Jane decides to dig up the real dirt--if the tenacious single mom can find any time to spare between her PTA meetings and car-pooling duties. But despite her busy schedule, Jane is determined to tidy up the whole murderous mess--even if it means provoking a killer who may live as close as next door.
Мелоди Джонсон Хоу 0.0
When the wealthy Ellie Kenilworth commits suicide and a crucial part of his will goes missing, his temporary employee Maggie Hill finds herself being circled by his greedy surviving kin who are out for their slice of the pie by any means necessary. Maggie turns to Claire Conrad, an eccentric but resolute private detective, and together they fight to protect the last wishes of a dying old man.
Эдит Ском 0.0
Skulduggery was afoot in the campus library at Midwestern University. Sinister students were razoring pages from periodicals and stealing obscure essays for their term papers. A bookish thief was making a bundle smuggling out valuable first editions for resale. And in the South Tower, a killer was stalking a coed.

Even so, Professor Beth Austin was shocked--and intrigued--to find a handsome FBI agent in the English Department. Soon they had joined forces, delving into the lives of her eccentric colleagues...and straying into the dark shadows of the groves of academe where someone's hands were stained with blood.
Сьюзен Вулф 0.0
"A world of captivating corruption...With a delicate blend of malice, suspense and sharp psychology, Wolfe winds up her story with a scene that explodes a number of myths."
When Leo Slyde--named partner, chief go-getter, "king of the billable hour" at the hottest corporate law firm in Silicon Valley--is found stabbed, the firm's newest associate, Howard Rickover is asked to play Nancy Drew. But he's got a dilemma, how can he trap a cunning murderer among lawyers who specialize in avoiding traps, and still bill enough hours to keep his job...?

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Carolyn G. Hart 0.0
Mystery Bookstore owner Annie Laurance is well-acquainted with murder, but she never imagined one taking place on her honeymoon! A marvelous spoof of New Age mumbo jumbo by an author whose work has been compared to that of Agatha Christie.
Д. Р. Мередит 0.0
In the tradition of Tony Hillerman and Thomas Perry, this is iBooks second John Lloyd Branson mystery, following "Murder By Impulse in December, 2003. The guy with the knife sticking out of his chest, stark naked except for socks, is none other than the much-hated Charlton Price-Leigh lll, the Dept. of Energy Agent who came to the Texas Panhandle to win approval for a potentially life-threatening nuclear waste dump. The police have only one suspect: the owner of the wheat field. Like everyone else, he wanted the guy dead. But he didn't kill him. Luckily, his lawyer is John Lloyd Branson, who begins to unravel a devious conspiracy with consequences that ring across the whole state of Texas..and beyond.
Дебора Валентайн 0.0
San Francisco artist Roxanne Gautier's startling paintings of male prostitutes set off shock waves throughout the art world but it is her wealthy stockbroker husband who is most disturbed of all. When her beautiful young model washes up dead on the rocks below the Golden Gate Bridge, he asks ex-policeman Kevin Bryce to discreetly probe the source of her inspiration. But what Bryce discovers sets off a chain of revelations with repercussions no one could have predicted.

A Collector of Photographs was short-listed for an Edgar Allen Poe, Anthony Boucher, Macavity and Shamus award. It is the second in the series featuring Kevin Bryce and Katharine Craig.

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