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Вручение 2001 г.

Страна: США Место проведения: Balticon 35, Балтимор, штат Мэриленд (25 - 28 мая 2001 года) Дата проведения: 2001 г.

Мемориальная премия Комптона Крука

Syne Mitchell 0.0
Thiadora Murphy is a "floater." Born and raised to withstand a zero-gravity environment, the floaters are considered the dregs of the universe-an outcast society of space workers who have been ostracized and nearly enslaved.

Murphy thought she could rise above her floater heritage. But then she was expelled from her military academy and forced to work as a test pilot for a powerful corporation. It's a job with many risks-and questionable rewards. Because her mission requires her to steal something from a rival company-a faster-than-light technology that could liberate floaters once and for all....
Джеффри Квистра 0.0
К концу XXI века человечество, уже расселившееся по множеству планет и пережившее даже небольшую межпланетную войну, искренне уверилось, что люди - единственные разумные обитатели космоса.
Но внезапно откуда-то издалека пришли `чужие`... Не просто негуманоиды - чудовищные паукообразные монстры. Не просто обладающие могущественными технологиями захватчики - холодные убийцы, чья единственная цель - уничтожение.
Судьба всей цивилизации землян теперь зависит от ученого, пытающегося разгадать тайну оружия пришельцев.
Времени остается все меньше…
Jo Walton 4.0
Sulien ap Gwien was seventeen when the Jarnish raiders came. Had she been armed when they found her, she could have taken them all. As it was, it took six of them to subdue her. She will never forgive them.

Thus begins her story--a story that takes her back to her family, with its ancient ties to the Vincan empire that once ruled in Tir Tanagiri, and forward to Caer Tanaga, where the greatest man of his time, King Urdo, struggles to bind together the squabbling nobles and petty princes into a unified force that will drive out the barbarian invader and restore the King's Peace.

Ringing with the clash of arms and the songs of its people, rich with high magic and everyday life, The King's Peace begins an epic of great deeds and down-to-earth people, told in language with the strength and flexibility of sharpened steel.
Geoffrey A. Landis 0.0
Geoffrey A. Landis has been a major figure in hard SF for over a decade. His short fiction has won the Hugo and Nebula Awards and the reader's polls in both Asimov's SF and Analog. He is also the designer and administrator of successful experiments carried by the Mars Pathfinder mission and the holder of a NASA research fellowship.Now at last Landis delivers a novel-length work of SF, an epic of human tenacity and survival in the early days of manned Mars exploration.

In the fourth decade of the twenty-first century, humans have been to Mars twice -- but neither expedition successfully returned. Now, with worldwide interest in manned Mars exploration on the wane, a third expedition has made it by eking out resources from a combination of public and private sponsorship.

But from the moment of their landing, everything begins to go wrong. The astronauts' only hope of survival lies in trekking halfway across the surface of Mars itself ... a journey to the limits of human endurance.
Jim Butcher 3.9
For Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, business, to put it mildly, stinks. So when the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic, Harry's seeing dollar signs. But where there's black magic, there's a black mage behind it. And now that mage knows Harry's name.
Кэрол Берг 4.3
Те, кому не живется в пресной реальности, где воображение постоянно требует свежей и острой пищи, те, кому уже мало зачитанных до дыр Толкина, Льюиса, Ле Гуин, – эта книга для вас.
Могущественный принц империи Дерзи и его раб, пленник из таинственного государства волшебников, сражающийся со Злом в душах людей… Что общего может быть между ними? И тем не менее странная судьба связывает их узами дружбы и приводит к битве с чудовищным предводителем демонов. Увлекательные приключения и превращения сопровождают весь путь этих героев.
На русском языке публикуется впервые.