О премии

Авторская премия штата Алабама - американская "премия за литературные заслуги".

Премия с 1957 года присуждается Библиотечной ассоциацией штата Алабама (The Alabama Library Association). Лауреатов определяет специальный Комитет, который "стремится поощрять и признавать авторов из Алабамы и поощрять интерес к книгам местных авторов, независимо от того, посвящены ли они Алабаме или другой теме".

До 1970 года премия была без номинаций. Затем стали учреждаться номинации и в настоящее время их насчитывается пять.

Автор, получающий премию, должен быть гражданином штата Алабама по рождению или прожить в Алабаме не менее пяти лет.
Премия может присуждаться как за отдельное произведение, так и за всё литературное творчество в целом.
Книга, за которую присуждается награда, должна быть опубликована в течение последних трёх календарных лет, предшествующих году проведения Конвенции Ассоциации, на которой присуждается награда.
Посмертно премия не присуждается.

Лауреатов определяет специальный Комитет Библиотечной ассоциации штата Алабама.


Авторская премия штата Алабама
Alabama Author Award

Премия присуждалась с 1957 по 1969 год без номинаций.

Документальная литература
Alabama Author Award for Nonfiction

Номинация учреждена в 1970 году.

Alabama Author Award for Fiction

Премия присуждается с 1971 года.

Детская литература
Alabama Author Award for Juvenile

Номинация была учреждена в 1980 году.

Книга для подростков
Alabama Author Award for Young Adult

Премия присуждается с 2006 года.

Alabama Author Award for Poetry

Номинация была учреждена в 2020 году.

За пожизненные достижения
Alabama Author Award for Lifetime Achievement

Премия присуждается с 2018 года за литературное творчество на протяжении жизни.

Документальная литература
Allison Moorer 0.0
The Grammy- and Academy Award- nominated singer-songwriter's haunting, lyrical memoir, sharing the story of an unthinkable act of violence and ultimate healing through art
Mobile, Alabama, 1986. A fourteen-year-old girl is awakened by the unmistakable sound of gunfire. On the front lawn, her father has shot and killed her mother before turning the gun on himself. Allison Moorer would grow up to be an award-winning musician, with her songs likened to "a Southern accent: eight miles an hour, deliberate, and very dangerous to underestimate" (Rolling Stone). But that moment, which forever altered her own life and that of her older sister, Shelby, has never been far from her thoughts. Now, in her journey to understand the unthinkable, to parse the unknowable, Allison uses her lyrical storytelling powers to lay bare the memories and impressions that make a family, and that tear a family apart.

Blood delves into the meaning of inheritance and destiny, shame and trauma -- and how it is possible to carve out a safe place in the world despite it all. With a foreword by Allison's sister, Grammy winner Shelby Lynne, Blood reads like an intimate journal: vivid, haunting, and ultimately life-affirming.
Брендон Тейлор 3.6
Держать людей на расстоянии уже давно вошло у Уолласа в привычку. Нет, он не социофоб. Просто так безопасней. Он — первый за несколько десятков лет черный студент на факультете биохимии в Университете Среднего Запада. А еще он гей. Максимально не вписывается в местное общество, однако приспосабливаться умеет. Но разве Уолласу действительно хочется такой жизни? За одни летние выходные вся его тщательно упорядоченная действительность начинает постепенно рушиться, как домино. И стычки с коллегами, напряжение в коллективе друзей вдруг раскроют неожиданные привязанности, неприязнь, стремления, боль, страхи и воспоминания.
Детская литература
Irene Latham, Karim Shamsi-Basha, Yuko Shimizu 0.0
The courageous and true story of Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, who in the midst of the Syrian Civil War offered safe haven to Aleppo's abandoned cats.

Aleppo's city center no longer echoes with the rich, exciting sounds of copper-pot pounding and traditional sword sharpening. His neighborhood is empty--except for the many cats left behind.

Alaa loves Aleppo, but when war comes his neighbors flee to safety, leaving their many pets behind. Alaa decides to stay--he can make a difference by driving an ambulance, carrying the sick and wounded to safety. One day he hears hungry cats calling out to him on his way home. They are lonely and scared, just like him. He feeds and pets them to let them know they are loved. The next day more cats come, and then even more! There are too many for Alaa to take care of on his own. Alaa has a big heart, but he will need help from others if he wants to keep all of his new friends safe.
Книга для подростков
Randi Pink 0.0
Set in the summer of 1972, this moving YA historical novel is narrated by teen girls from different backgrounds with one thing in common: Each girl is dealing with pregnancy.
Four teenage girls. Four different stories. What they all have in common is that they’re dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

In rural Georgia, Izella is wise beyond her years, but burdened with the responsibility of her older sister, Ola, who has found out she’s pregnant. Their young neighbor, Missippi, is also pregnant, but doesn’t fully understand the extent of her predicament. When her father sends her to Chicago to give birth, she meets the final narrator, Susan, who is white and the daughter of an anti-choice senator.

Randi Pink masterfully weaves four lives into a larger story – as timely as ever – about a woman’s right to choose her future.
Tina Mozelle Braziel 0.0
In Known by Salt, Tina Mozelle Braziel searches for home in the trailer park where she grew up and in the house she and her husband built by hand. Aware that her homes and life fall short of social norms, she asks how come as she discovers grit and feminism in a strip club, a fast food joint, building sites, and family stories of work. She takes shelter in the beauty of dammed rivers, wooded hills, the swerve of snakes. This collection examines class and gender, humankind and nature, and what it takes to mend those divisions and become whole. AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Alabama native Tina Mozelle Braziel, author of Known by Salt and Rooted by Thirst, was raised on the banks of the Coosa River. A first generation college student, she earned degrees at the University of Montevallo, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Oregon. Her awards include the Philip Levine Prize for Poetry, a fellowship for the Alabama State Council for the Arts, and an artist residency at Hot Springs National Park. Currently, she directs the Ada Long Creative Writing Workshop at UAB. She and her husband, novelist James Braziel, live and write in a glass cabin that they are building by hand. AUTHOR HOME: Remlap, AL