Вручение 2004 г.

Премия вручена за 2003 год.

Страна: США Дата проведения: 2004 г.

Лучший детективный или криминальный роман

Laura Lippman 5.0

It is early evening, summer time and hot. Two eleven year old girls, Alice and Ronnie, are on their way home from a swimming party when they happen to see a baby's stroller, with baby girl sleeping inside, left unattended on the top step of a house. Ronnie says to Alice: 'We have to take care of this baby.' But what exactly does she mean? Four days later the body of little Olivia Barnes is discovered in a hut in Baltimore's rambling Leakin Park by a young rookie detective, Nancy Porter. What can have happened in those four days to bring about this appalling crime? The girls are arrested and found guilty. Seven years later Ronnie and Alice, now eighteen, are released from their separate prisons, back into their old neighbourhood where the mother of baby Olivia still lives. Another child goes missing, and Nancy Porter and her partner get the case ...
Кен Бруен 3.6
Жизнь Джека Тейлора катится под откос: разбитое сердце, алкоголь, увольнение из элитного полицейского подразделения... В этот момент к нему за помощью обращается мать девочки, по официальной версии, покончившей жизнь самоубийством. Власти считают, что все детали трагедии известны, однако у бывшего полицейского на этот счет другое мнение. Он начинает собственное расследование. "Стражи" - первый роман из серии книг о Джеке Тейлоре, обаятельном и опасном. Для любителей нетривиальной прозы и черного юмора.
Деннис Лихэйн 4.3
Летом 1954 года судебные приставы Тедди Дэниелс и Чак Ауле приезжают в больницу для невменяемых преступников «Эшклиф», чтобы разобраться в загадочном исчезновении одной из пациенток — детоубийцы Рейчел Соландо. В расследование вмешивается ураган, отрезавший остров от внешнего мира. Постепенно Тедди начинает понимать, что в «Эшклифе» все не так, как может показаться на первый взгляд…
Дэн Фесперман 0.0
Vlado Petric, a former homicide detective in Sarajevo, is now living in exile, and making a meagre living working at a Berlin construction site, when an American investigator for the International War Crimes Tribunal recruits him to return home on a mission. The assignment sounds simple enough. He is to help capture an aging Nazi collaborator who has become a war profiteer. But nothing is simple in the Balkans: Petric is also being used as bait to lure his quarry into the open, and when the operation goes sour he is drawn across Europe into a dangerous labyrinth of secret identities, stolen gold, and horrifying discoveries about his own family’s past.

Intelligent and suspenseful, The Small Boat of Great Sorrows brings together chilling crimes, the lies people live and the cold facts of international politics into a masterful, electrifying thriller.
Laurie R. King 0.0
Acclaimed as one of the most original talents to emerge in the last decade, award-winning author Laurie R. King returns to Folly Island to deliver her most stunning achievement yet--a breathtaking novel of suspense that explores the very essence of good and evil.

Allen Carmichael came back from Vietnam a lifetime ago--but only now was he ready to return home. For years, he’s lived on the fringes of the law, using a soldier’s skills to keep watch over those too young to defend themselves. Some consider him nothing but a kidnapper for hire--the best in the business; others call him a hero. His specialty has been rescuing children from abusive parents and escorting them to loving homes. But after twenty-five years, he is ready to take on his final case--a case that could destroy him.

The boy’s name is Jamie: He believes his father is going to kill him. Allen is convinced that the twelve-year-old is right and devises a strategy to save him. His last job done, Allen heads back to Folly Island, where he plans to settle into a quiet life. But not long after his return, a small plane piloted by the boy’s father’s crashes, leaving behind debris--but no body. Now it is up to Allen to resolve whether Jamie’s father is dead or alive--and to make sure Jamie himself stays out of harm’s way. But a series of ominous events leads Allen to question whether Jamie’s father is really the enemy after all. Or if the real threat is far more unspeakable...and the killer unimaginable.

Riveting, harrowing, and unforgettable, Keeping Watch takes psychological suspense to its most dizzying heights and proves again why Laurie R. King has been called by both readers and critics an undisputed master of suspense.

From the Hardcover edition.
Julia Spencer-Fleming 0.0
Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, Miller's Kill, New York is about as safe as it gets. That's why Episcopal minister Clare Fergusson is shocked when the July Fourth weekend brings a rash of vicious assaults to the scenic town. Even Clare's

Лучший дебютный роман

Пи Джей Трейси 3.7
Как только к новой компьютерной игре под названием "найди маньяка-убийцу" был открыт доступ, в реальной жизни произошли убийства, в точности повторившие два первых сценария. Разработчик игры Грейс Макбрайд и ее друзья-интеллектуалы попали в тиски. Если сообщить полиции о связи между игрой и убийствами, это привлечет внимание к их прошлому, которое они хотели бы навсегда стереть из памяти. Если не сообщить, то погибнет еще восемнадцать человек
Жаклин Уинспир 3.2
Муж подозревает жену в неверности и просит Мейси Доббс проследить за ней. Выясняется, что никакой измены не было. Однако рутинное дело ревнивого мужа скоро превращается для Мейси в увлекательное расследование тайны фермы, где один за другим гибнут при загадочных обстоятельствах обитатели…

Потрясающе написанный детектив, вызывающий в памяти лучшие произведения Агаты Кристи.
«New York Times»
William Landay 4.0
From the New York Times bestselling author of Defending Jacob

Former D.A. William Landay explodes onto the suspense scene with an electrifying novel about the true price of crime and the hidden corners of the criminal justice system. Only an insider could so vividly capture Boston’s gritty underworld of cops and criminals. And only a natural storyteller could weave this mesmerizing tale of murder and memory, a story about the hold of time past over time present–and the story of one unforgettable young policeman who ventures into the most dangerous place of all.

By a gleaming lake in the forests of western Maine, outside a sleepy town called Versailles, the body of a man lies sprawled in a deserted cabin. The dead man was an elite D.A. from Boston, and his beat was that city’s toughest neighborhood: Mission Flats.

Now, for small-town police chief Ben Truman, investigating the murder will mean leaving his quiet, haunted home and journeying to an alien world of hard streets and hard bargains, where the fierce struggle between police and criminals is fought for the ultimate stakes.

Ben joins a manhunt through Mission Flats, where cops are scrambling to find their number-one suspect: Harold Braxton, a ruthless predator targeted for prosecution by the murdered D.A. To the Boston police, Braxton is a marked man. But as Ben watches the shadow dance of cops and suspects, he begins to voice doubts about Braxton’s guilt…especially when he uncovers a secret history of murder and retribution stretching back twenty years…back to a brutal killing now nearly forgotten. As past and present collide and a bloody mystery unfolds, only one thing remains certain: the most powerful revelations are yet to come.

Mission Flats is at once a relentless page-turning mystery and a vivid portrait of a cop’ s life. Here are the street corners, courtrooms, and stationhouses; the deal makers, thugs, and quiet heroes. An unforgettable world–and the luminous, boundary-breaking debut of a new voice in suspense fiction–Mission Flats will haunt you long after the final pages
Olen Steinhauer 0.0
In this auspicious literary crime debut, an inexperienced homicide detective struggles amid the lawlessness of a post-WWII Eastern European city.

It's August, 1948, three years after the Russians "liberated" this small nation from German Occupation. But the Red Army still patrols the capital's rubble-strewn streets, and the ideals of the Revolution are but memories. Twenty-two-year-old Detective Emil Brod, an eager young man who spent the war working on a fishing boat in Finland, finally gets his chance to serve his country, investigating murder for the People's Militia.

The victim in Emil's first case is a state songwriter, but the evidence seems to point toward a political motive. He would like to investigate further, but even in his naivete, he realizes that the police academy never prepared him for this peculiar post-war environment, in which his colleagues are suspicious or silent, where lawlessness and corruption are the rules of the city, and in which he's still expected to investigate a murder. He is truly on his own in this new, dangerous world.

The Bridge of Sighs launches a unique series of crime novels featuring a dynamic cast of characters in an ever-evolving landscape, the politically volatile terrain of Eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century.

The Bridge of Sighs is a 2004 Edgar Award Nominee for Best First Novel
Уоллес Строби 0.0
Long Branch, Asbury Park, Ocean Grove. The Jersey Shore ain't what it used to be, but ex-state trooper Harry Rane still calls it home. After his wife's death, Harry got careless, got shot, and he left the force. He's a changed man, leads a quiet life, except when it comes to helping his friends...

Now an old buddy of Harry's wants a big favor. He owes $50,000 to a Jersey crime boss and needs Harry to get him more time to repay the loan. That sounds like a plan...except for the green-eyed, redheaded complication. The mobster's married to a gorgeous lady who once fell hard for Harry. And history is about to repeat itself.

Trying to help his friend pay off his debt but inexorably drawn to the girl, soon Harry is between a rock and a hard place. His chances of getting up and staying alive look to be about a million to one....
Wright, Edward 0.0
Once he was Sierra Lane, hero to countless youngsters in a series of B-movie westerns. Now, after two years in prison, John Ray Horn lives on the margins of post-World War II Los Angeles. His wife has left him, and, blacklisted by the studios, he makes ends meet by collecting debts for his old Indian co-star, Joseph Mad Crow. Then an old friend, Scotty, contacts Horn. He has come across some obscene photos, including one, several years old, of Horn's stepdaughter, Clea. Within days, Scotty is dead, and Clea has run away. Horn's search takes him from neon-lit ocean-front piers to wooded canyons, from rich homes in the Hollywood Hills to Central Avenue, the Harlem of LA, a street rich in jazz and corruption. But will the on-screen tough-guy hero be able to sustain his role off-screen?

Лучший роман в обложке

Jason Starr 0.0
Mickey Prada's a nice kid. He works hard at a neighborhood seafood market in Brooklyn putting fish on ice. He’s got a nice girlfriend. He even delayed college a year, to help his sick dad. But Mickey’s got a problem. A customer at the fish store, Angelo Santoro, keeps asking Mickey to place bets for him and Angelo keeps losing. As Angelo gets further in the hole, his bad luck is turning out to be Mickey’s too.

Now Mickey’s got his bookie after him and Angelo’s showing him the butt of his pistol rather than paying him back. So when his best friend, Chris, asks Mickey to join him on a can’t-lose caper, Mickey decides to go along. But, surefire schemes often have a way of backfiring, and this one is sending Mickey into an uncharted part of Brooklyn, where fish like Chris and Mickey have trouble just staying alive.
Элейн Флинн 0.0
Elizabeth Porter was a top-of-the-line Manhattan antiques dealer until her ex-husband and his lover's flagrantly criminal scam left her reputation in tatters. Now, using a new name, Molly Doyle, she's starting over a continent away in a rundown antiques shop in cozy Carmel, California. Molly is determined to make the best of it. But the early antiques bird sometimes gets more than the worm, and one prompt arrival places her at a murder site with a corpse in her arms. After she turns up at a second seemingly unrelated death, the abrasive new police chief considers Molly the prime suspect. Now the only way to clear her name is for Molly to find her own path to a killer, which will leave her either exonerated ... or dead
Christopher Hyde 0.0
Master of suspense Christopher Hyde takes us to Dallas in November of 1963, where Homicide Detective Ray Duval is about to collide with history. His girlfriend’s mother used to talk about the wisdom of the bones: “When you’re close to dying, you can see the truth.” Now, with six months left to live, Duval is putting that wisdom to the test.

He’s trying to save one last life before he loses his own to a terminal heart condition. But the President’s assassination has sent shockwaves of panic throughout the city. The killer has kidnapped another girl. And unless Duval can break the pattern, she’ll be dead in forty-eight hours.
Джей Макларти 0.0
The Courier's Motto: the package always arrives unopened, undamaged, and in one piece.But the courier may not be so lucky.

Simon Leonidovich is an average-looking guy, with a disarming smile and more frequent-flyer miles than most airline pilots. He's a high-tech, international courier of "packages" that range from priceless works of art to human organs and nuclear materials. When he accepts a contract to make a pickup at a small laboratory in Sweden, it seems like another easy job -- until someone sets him up for a fall.

Suddenly, he's on the run, trying to protect secret data that could save the lives of millions and destroy an international corporate merger. The police want him for a murder; a psychotic hired killer wants him for the package and the pleasure of killing; and Simon just wants to survive....

With explosive action, an international conspiracy, and a hero that just won't quit, Jay MacLarty's "The Courier" is an edge-of-your-seat debut thriller that delivers!
Джудит ван Гисон 0.0
From the acclaimed author of Land of Burning Heat -the murder of a young woman takes rare book expert Claire Reynier into Albuquerque's dark streets, where she must shed light on the shadows of the past.
Элейн Виетс 0.0
Helen has a new job "off the books" at Page Turners bookstore in Fort Lauderdale...until the owner is murdered. But since the arrogant Page Turner III had so many enemies, Helen will have to read between the lines to uncover the truth about a clever killer.

Лучший британский криминальный роман

Вэл Макдермид 4.0
В Рождественскую ночь четверо студентов находят в снегу смер­тельно раненную девушку. Хотя улик для ареста ребят недостаточно, подозрение в ее убийстве падает именно на них. Через двадцать пять лет полиция возобновляет следствие, надеясь с помощью новейших криминалистических методов установить личность пре­ступника. У бывших студентов появляется надежда, что справедли­вость наконец-то восторжествует и мрачное пятно с их прошлого будет стерто. Однако сами они один за другим становятся жертвами таинственного убийцы.
Кристофер Фаулер 3.9
"Темный аншлаг" - мировой бестселлер, бесспорно, самая известная книга модного английского писателя Кристофера Фаулера.
Успех сопутствовал книгам Фаулера всегда, но "Темный аншлаг" побил все предыдущие рекорды. Роман о детективах Брайанте и Мэе из Отдела аномальных преступлений лондонской полиции читают по всему миру.
Эта история начинается в наши дни со страшного взрыва, уничтожившего штаб-квартиру Скотланд-Ярда, но своими корнями уходит в прошлое, когда два молодых детектива только начинали службу в полиции и под немецкими бомбами расследовали свое первое преступление - загадочную гибель прима-балерины, репетировавшей главную роль в оперетте Жака Оффенбаха "Орфей в аду".
Саймон Керник 3.0
Обычная сделка по купле-продаже клуба со скверной репутацией превращается в бойню.
Один из присутствующих внезапно открывает стрельбу - и в перестрелке выживает лишь бывший наемник Макс Айверсон, на беду свою решивший зарабатывать на жизнь как охранник.
Отныне он - главный подозреваемый в убийствах.
И охотится за ним не только опытный детектив Джон Гэллен, но и "крестный отец" преступных группировок Лондона.
Макс - один против всех.
Если он попадет в руки полиции - его ждет пожизненное заключение.
Если полицию опередит мафия - придется молить о быстрой смерти.
Выхода нет?!
Эндрю Тейлор 3.5
Школьный учитель Томас Шилд волею судеб оказывается вовлеченным в непростую жизнь семьи своего воспитанника Чарльза Франта, который знакомит наставника с лучшим школьным другом Эдгаром Алленом По, будущим гениальным писателем и мистификатором: жизнь юного Эдгара началась с таинственного исчезновения его отца, а закончилась не менее таинственной смертью самого По.
Mark Billingham 0.0
Someone - a woman or somebody pretending to be a woman, is writing to convicted rapists in prison, befriending them and then brutally killing them when they are released. DI Tom Thorne must discover the link between these killings and a murder/suicide that took place twenty-five years before; a tragedy to which the only witnesses were two small children, now adults and nowhere to be found. How can you escape a past that will do a lot more than just catch up with you? And how can Thorne catch a killer, when he doesn't really care about the victims?
Peter Lovesey 0.0
The discovery of a woman's body on a Sussex beach seems irrelevant to the police force in Bath, until she is identified as a resident of that city, and the unique investigative talents of Inspector Peter Diamond are brought into play.