Вручение 1980 г.

Премия вручалась за 1979 год.

Страна: Великобритания Место проведения: город Лондон Дата проведения: 1980 г.


Jennifer Johnston 5.0
Late summer near Dublin, 1920, and up at the great house there are still cucumber sandwiches for tea. Slipping away from Aunt Mary and dotty Grandfather, 18-year-old Nancy has escaped down to the shore to dream in the beach hut - longing for her life to begin.

Детская книга

Peter Dickinson 0.0
An attack in the dark, screams, burning huts...
Thirteen-year-old Theodore crouches under the trees. His father's Mission has been destroyed. His father is dead. Theodore is on his own, fleeing the Chinese rebels of the Boxer uprising.

Then Mrs Jones appears. A botanist, Mrs Jones is a feisty, aging, good-hearted woman who has an amazing (and eye-opening) vocabulary and who adopts Theodore into her band of travellers. Fleeing bandits, the group enters Tibet, where they meet the old Lama who rules a monastery. But when the Lama says they have been drawn to him by destiny, and insists that Theodore, Mrs Jones, and her young Chinese courier Lung hold the clue to the birth of the long-awaited Tulku, or reincarnated spiritual master, there seems to be no escape...


Penelope Mortimer 0.0
The sequel to Penelope's first 21 years.This follows her progress from young wife & mother of 1940.Her life with John Mortimer,divorce and success as a novelist