Вручение 1992 г.

Страна: Великобритания Дата проведения: 1992 г.

Золотой Кинжал

Колин Декстер 4.0
Шведка Карин Эрикссон, путешествовавшая по Англии, пропала неподалеку от Оксфорда. Год спустя в полицию приходит письмо со стихами английского поэта XIX века “Найди меня” и записка “Почему меня никто не ищет?” с подписью туристки. Расшифровка анаграммы в стихах не оставляет у опытного инспектора сомнений: путь к разгадке исчезновения Карин лежит сквозь Оксфордский лес…
Michael Dibdin 0.0
When, one dark night in November, Prince Ludovico Ruspanti fell a hundred and fifty feet to his death in the chapel at St Peter's, Rome, there were a number of questions to be answered. Inspector Aurelio Zen finds that getting the answers isn't easy, as witness after witness is mysteriously silenced - by violent death. To crack the secret of the Vatican, Zen must penetrate the most secret place of all: the Cabal.

Формат: 11 см x 17,5 см.
Сью Графтон 3.9
Главная героиня книги, частный детектив Кинси Милхоун, расследует убийство… и, как выясняется, не одно. Клубок противоречий, череда подозреваемых, неожиданная развязка - события проносятся по страницам этого увлекательного романа, как сметающий все на своем пути тайфун.
Reginald Hill 0.0
It was a crime of passion in onc of England's great houses, an open-and-shut case. But thirty years later, when the convicted nanny is freed, then spirited off to America before she can talk, Yorkshire's Superintendent Dalziel retums to the scene of the crime with Inspector Pascoe, determined to dig up the corpus delecti he investigated a generation before. Did the wrong aristocrat hang? Dalziel and Pascoe find decades-old clues that implicate a member of the royal family. When one of their prime leads is found dead, Dalziel is put "on leave"--and heads for New York to learn what the Nanny knows. Back home, Pascoe walks a thin line, quietly pursuing a case someone is trying to bury. Stiff upper lips do tell tale, but Dalziel and Pascoe discover on both sides of the Atlantic that it's hell on those trying to unearth the truth.

Серебряный Кинжал

Liza Cody 0.0
Eva Wylie may not be beautiful, but she's big and smart and tough. Working as a wrestler called the London Lassassin, all she wants is wrestling superstardom and to find her long-lost sister. She does a little investigating on her own, and ends up in the middle of a vicious London gang war fighting for her life.

Кинжал Джона Кризи - Новая кровь

Майнет Уолтерс 4.0
The three women living in seclusion at an elegant Hampshire country house have long been fodder for village gossip...even whispers of a witches' coven. So when a faceless corpse of uncertain vintage is found in the Streech Grange ice house, Chief Inspector Walsh can't wait to make a case of it.

Lady of the manor Phoebe Maybury, still haunted by Walsh's relentless investigation of her husband's strange disappearance ten years ago, is calm. She and her two housemates--sensitive, charming artist Diana Goode and pretty, earthy Anne Cattrell--seem as puzzled as the police. But do they have something to hide?

While Walsh strives to nail Phoebe for murder, sexy young Detective Sergeant McLoughlin turns his attention to the exasperating and magnetic Anne. Soon his inquiry and his impulses will draw him into a tangled thicket of love, loyalty, and deadly intrigue.

Последний смех

Карл Хайасен 3.9
"Крах "Волшебного королевства" - захватывающий триллер Карла Хайесена. Блестящий стилист и рассказчик, он также искусно владеет даром интриги и обладает незаурядным юмором. Мастерски закрученный сюжет книги держит читателя в напряжении до самого финала.
Карл Хайесен - уроженец Флориды, имеет репутацию выдающегося журналиста, прославившегося расследованием местных скандалов. Ведет свой раздел в газете "Майами геральд".
Рут Дадли Эдвардс 0.0
Robert Amiss is persuaded by his friend Detective Sergeant Pooley of the CID to take a job as a waiter in ffeatherstonehaughs (pronounced Fanshaws), a gentlemens club in St James. The club secretary has allegedly jumped to his death from the gallery of this imposing building. Against most of the evidence, Pooley believes he was murdered.
Amiss finds himself in a bizarre caricature of a club, run by and for debauched geriatrics, with skeletons rattling in every cupboard. Why are there so few members? How are they financed? Will Amiss keep his job despite the enmity of the ferocious, snuff-covered Colonel Fagg?
Michael Pearce 0.0
"What kind of a boat do you think this is?" said the eunuch indignantly when Captain Owen came aboard. Well, what sort of boat was it? After all, a young woman had drowned in the Nile, her body washed up on a sandbar. Apparently she had fallen off this boat. Owen, as Mamur Zapt, or head of British-ruled Cairo's secret police, deems it a potential crime. But when the poor girl's body suddenly vanishes from its resting place, he must investigate a crime that is as substantial as the Sphinx...and every bit as mystifying. Strange, he muses, that the girl would have plummeted off a boat when it was moored for the night in a river that was calm. What is even stranger is that the boat was in the hire of Prince Narouz, son of the Khedive, the nominal ruler of Egypt. Why had the prince commanded the dahabeeyab to cruise to Luxor in the first place? Certainly, he had no interest at all in antiquities. And what was an attractive and unwed young woman doing aboard the vessel after dark? Owen must mount a puzzling search for the truth that will take him from Cairo's sophisticated French-style cafes to the darkest recesses of its dingiest slums. Helped by his frightfully independent Egyptian mistress and a remarkable assortment of informants, he soon finds himself adrift in the seething waters of Edwardian Egyptian politics.

Золотой Кинжал за нехудожественное произведение

Charles Nicholl 0.0
In 1593 the brilliant but controversial young playwright Christopher Marlowe was stabbed to death in a Deptford lodging house. The circumstances were shady, the official account—a violent quarrel over the bill, or "recknynge"—has been long regarded as dubious.

Here, in a tour de force of scholarship and ingenuity, Charles Nicholl penetrates four centuries of obscurity to reveal not only a complex and unsettling story of entrapment and betrayal, chimerical plot and sordid felonies, but also a fascinating vision of the underside of the Elizabethan world.

"Provides the sheer enjoyment of fiction, and might just be true." — Michael Kenney, Boston Globe

"Mr. Nicholl's glittering reconstruction of Marlowe's murder is only one of the many fascinating aspects of this book. Indeed, The Reckoning is equally compelling for its masterly evocation of a vanished world, a world of Elizabethan scholars, poets, con men, alchemists and spies, a world of Machiavellian malice, intrigue and dissent." — Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

"The rich substance of the book is his detail, the thick texture of betrayal and evasion which was Marlowe's life." — Thomas Flanagan, Washington Post Book World

Winner of the Crime Writer's Gold Dagger Award for Nonfiction Thriller