Вручение 1991 г.

Страна: Великобритания Дата проведения: 1991 г.

Золотой Кинжал

Барбара Вайн 3.2
Пансионат, расположенный в разваливающемся здании бывшей школы, приютил множество странных людей. Хозяин дома – чудаковатый писатель, помешанный на метро и мечтающий посетить каждый метрополитен мира. Молодая скрипачка, сбежавшая от семьи и новорожденной дочери, и ее новый друг – флейтист, вместе с которым она теперь играет в переходах. Позабытый легкомысленной матерью мальчик, прогуливающий школу, чтобы кататься, как заправский экстремал, на крышах вагонов подземки. Причудливое сплетение судеб, перепутанных, словно линии метрополитена, ведет каждого к своей трагедии, и всех вместе – к драматической развязке...
Сара Дюнан 3.0
В Темзе найдена утопленница с камнями в карманах и восьмимесячным плодом в чреве. В ней опознают танцовщицу Кэролайн Гамильтон. Что же могло толкнуть молодую красивую женщину не только на самоубийство, но и на детоубийство? Пытаясь разобраться в случившемся, частная сыщица Ханна Вульф находит у участников разыгравшейся драмы (как, впрочем, и у себя самой) множество `родимых пятен`, роковым образом влияющих на человеческую судьбу.
B.M. Gill 0.0
Marks the return of Detective Chief Inspector Maybridge for the first time since "Seminar for Murder". In this particular book Maybridge attends a funeral service and becomes involved in a bizarre murder case.
Peter Dickinson 0.0
A London woman taking her grandson to the park finds her lonely life disrupted by murder in this award-winning author’s “gripping thriller” (Reginald Hill).

Poppy Tasker never imagined this would be her life at age fifty: divorced, living alone, and stuck caring for a tiny grandson while his mother is busy seeking public office. Sad and resentful, Poppy feels completely detached from the nannies she’s now forced to associate with when she brings little Toby to the park to play. But her discomfort is replaced by a creeping dread when she notices a stranger watching her and the boy a bit too closely—and her fear turns to near panic when the man tries to follow them home.

The following day, the stalker is found murdered in the park, his corpse decorated in an odd and troubling manner. Poppy’s terror grows as she realizes that she and her innocent grandson have become entangled in something twisted and very dangerous. Then the nanny of one of Toby’s playground friends meets an untimely end—and Poppy realizes that this may only be the beginning.

One of the true greats of contemporary British crime fiction, Peter Dickinson is often compared to luminaries including Ruth Rendell, Peter Lovesey, P. D. James, and Reginald Hill. Play Dead is a shining example of his storytelling artistry.
Michael Dibdin 3.0
'A nasty, original, murderously funny entertainment.' Independent

Dennis and Karen lead a nice life in North Oxford until the day one of their dinner guests seduces Karen in the kitchen, setting in motion a chain of events which will destroy the thin veneer of their respectability and lead to ruthless murder.

Dirty Tricks is a gripping and brilliant thriller set in contemporary Oxford, an unputdownable story in which the conventions of sex and violence have never been more satisfyingly explored.

'At once a suspense story and a bitingly drawn, often savagely comic, picture of the way we live now. Dibdin has never put in a better performance.' Guardian
Janet Neel 0.0
A missing-person case turns into a homicide, and Detective Chief Inspector John Mac Leish of New Scotland Yard is propelled into the world of London's high-powered politics. The young woman in question was the fiancee of a Treasury Minister, and the list of suspects grows by leaps and bounds. Martin's.

Серебряный Кинжал

Фрэнсис Файфилд 0.0
When the domineering wife of pharmacist Pip Carlton dies in her sleep, on one suspects Pip, even though he had access to all sorts of deadly poisons. But amateur sleuth Helen West and her friend Detective Constable Geoffrey Bailey soon become suspicious in this chilling tale of psychological terror.

Кинжал Джона Кризи - Новая кровь

Christine Green 0.0
In the Midlands market town of Longborough, a young nurse, Jacky Byfield, is found dead on the grounds of rundown St. Dymphna's Hospital. Jacky had been quiet and hardworking, so what motive could anyone have for killing such a respectable and religious nurse?
Keith Wright 0.0
The first book in the INSPECTOR DAVID SPARK mystery series by Keith Wright. The killing of the Marriott family was a particularly brutal one: asphyxiation, a savage clubbing and what looked like rape. The 'one oblique one' call swiftly brought DI Stark and the Scenes of Crime squad to the death house at 43 Maple Close, where a forced window and a missing video recorder were the immediate clues in what was to become a protracted and tortuous murder investigation. Why did the killer disguise his entry to look like burglary? If not burglary, what was he doing in the house? Had he gone there specifically to rape and murder the promiscuous Faye Marriott? Why hadn't she struggled? And why did he remove the video after the murders? Two men were seen running from the house--in opposite directions. But they were not the two men most closely connected with Faye. Winston Kelly, West Indian pimp and Faye's sadistic lover, looked the best of the bunch of suspects, yet moneyed, foppish Charles Lyon, who had been enraged by the girl's sexual taunts, ran him close. This immensely exciting, fast-moving and professionally plotted first crime novel is by a young serving CID detective. It gives readers a rare chance to follow the detection of a murder in authentic, albeit fictional, circumstances.

Последний смех

Mike Ripley 0.0
A call for help from an old friend sends Fitzroy Maclean Angel on the road with a heavy metal band and in pursuit of a truck full of contraband.
Simon Brett 0.0
One of Britain's wittiest mystery writers returns with an exciting new Charles Paris novel. Charles, the often out-of-work actor, is appearing as a forklift operator in a corporate video. It's not prime-time television or a major film, but it seems like easy money--until the forklift is used to murder a sexy secretary with lots of enemies.
Michael Pearce 0.0
From the award-winning Michael Pearce comes an engrossing murder mystery set in the Cairo of the 1900s. After a series of attacks on public officials, the Mamur Zapt is called in to investigate.

Cairo in the 1900s. While riding home, Fairclough of Customs is shot at from behind. It is the first of many similar attacks – all seemingly aimed at public officials. The Mamur Zapt, British head of Cairo’s secret police, is told to catch the killer – and quickly.

His efforts to do so take him into Cairo’s student quarter and out to a remote rural estate. And require him to handle a fading Pasha and a dangerous gypsy girl – whose claims he has to balance against those of his fiery Egyptian mistress.

Золотой Кинжал за нехудожественное произведение

John Bossy 0.0
Delving into a netherworld of treachery and intrigue in Elizabethan London, John Bossy attempts to solve a centuries-old mystery: who was "Fagot," the spy working within the French embassy in London to subvert Catholic efforts to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and her government? Bossy speculates on the spy's identity in a book that makes a major contribution to the political and intellectual history of the wars of religion in Europe and to the domestic history of Elizabethan England.

This 3rd Edition lightly revised in light of the sequel, Under the Molehill .