Вручение 1990 г.

Страна: Великобритания Дата проведения: 1990 г.

Золотой Кинжал

Реджинальд Хилл 4.0
Реджинальд Хилл - английский писатель, житель Йоркшира, куда он поселил и главных героев почти всех своих романов. Известность ему принес роман "Общительная женщина" (1970), в котором он впервые познакомил читателей со своими героями - начальником уголовного розыска Эндрю Дэлзиелом и его молодым помощником Питером Паско. Эти яркие колоритные образы сразу полюбились читателям. За годы с 1972 по 1990-й Хиллом были написаны еще девять романов, в том числе "Детская игра" (1987) и "Прах и безмолвие" (1990).
Celia Fremlin 0.0
After her husband leaves her, Alice Saunders becomes a resident of a quaint yet bizarre boardinghouse and before long finds herself drawn into a vortex of a frightening, possibly fatal chain of events
Francis Fyfield 0.0
A woman's abandoned corpse is found in a shallow grave in a posh suburb. The death hits close to home for prosecutor Helen West as she and detective Geoffrey Bailey have just moved into a new house within the gated neighborhood where the body was dumped. But tensions continue to rise when the victim is identified as the wife of the developer who built the estates, and all of the neighbors begin to accuse one another.

As Helen and Geoffrey dig deeper into the secrets of their sleepy commuter village, they discover a hidden world of passion, envy, and betrayal.

This gripping mystery is perfect for fans of Louise Penny and Ruth Rendell.
Ruth Rendell 0.8
In Rendell's evocative portrayal of West London, the slums of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets, but worlds, apart. When these two worlds collide, the repercussions are fatal.

Guy and Leonora were childhood sweethearts, and belonged to the same criminal gang. But as the wealthy Leonora grew older, they grew apart, and Guy's innocent love turned into a dangerous, psychopathic obsession.

When Leonora announces her engagement , Guy knows there must be some mistake - and he is determined to right it, at any cost. As he becomes the victim of his own murderous madness, nobody is safe...

Криминальная литература в переводе

Mike Phillips 0.0
When journalist Sam Dean probes the murder of a former childhood friend, Aston Edwards, a prominent and controversial local politician, Dean uncovers a deadly maze of political intrigue, cover-ups, private vendettas, and violence

Кинжал Джона Кризи - Новая кровь

Патрисия Корнуэлл 3.7
Город Ричмонд охвачен ужасом - жертвами маньяка стали уже четыре молодые женщины. Они погибли в невероятных мучениях, а убийца, кажется, издевается над полицией, оставляя подсказки на месте очередного преступления. За дело берется судмедэксперт Кей Скарпетта. В ходе расследования она выдвигает шокирующую версию относительно личности злоумышленника. Права она или нет - покажет время, ведь Кей предстоит столкнуться с убийцей лицом к лицу…
Michael David Anthony 0.0
Sophisticated, complex plotting at the center of the Anglican Church. *First in the Canterbury Cathedral trilogy, all to come from F&M. *First time in U.S. paperback. *Mysteries of church intrigue are very popular with mystery readers.* Clerical setting and sophisticated prose will combine to appeal to fans of Julia Spencer Fleming - note that this is the Anglican Church, rather than Roman Catholic, and has nothing to do with The Da Vinci Code. * Shades of Blount and Burgess glimmer in--of all places- -Canterbury Cathedral... Echoes of le Carr, about in this elegantly written ... first novel, full of the ritual, pomp, and underpinnings of the great cathedral - Kirkus. *A splendid mix of the ecclesiastical, homicidal, political, and espionage ... altogether, an impressive first novel - TheTimes (of London). *A good ecclesiastical thriller is a rarity. Grab this one. It's a treat. - The Observer (UK)

Последний смех

Simon Shaw 0.0
A black farce which won the Crime Writers' Association's "Last Laugh" award. Mark Harvey never really intended to kill his wife Maddie, but life had been playing cruel tricks on him recently. Left with an inconvenient corpse on his hands, he faces a dilemma.
Peter Lovesey 0.0
The eldest son of Queen Victoria, Bertie will one day be King Edward VII. For the moment, though, his primary responsibility is to enjoy himself, a task at which he excels - bedding society beauties, tormenting his long-suffering wife, and taking his royal bulk off to other people's country estates, there to shoot things, eat enormous meals, and pinch the serving maids. It is at just such an estate that the story unfolds, though this is no ordinary shooting-party, and with a killer afoot, the glittering guest-list is dwindling rapidly. Bertie greets the murders with some delight, as they allow him to exercise his passion for amateur sleuthing (a task at which he doesn't particularly excel). Lovesey wrote Seven Bodies as an homage to Agatha Christie, but he laced his classically structured puzzle with his own sly wit, gleefully poking fun at the pomposities of privilege. Utterly charming ...what a delight! - New York Times A delicious option for fans of Agatha Christie and Anne Perry
M.J. Trow 0.0
He is in his forty-third year and knee-deep in murder. Well, what's new? Sholto Lestrade of Scotland Yard wouldn't have it any other way.. "The first fatality in a bizarre series of killings is a Captain of the Second Life Guards, found in the River Thames with a war medal wedged between his teeth. Then a dead Egyptologist is discovered with a scarab clamped between his molars. When a young soldier is found dead in the saddle (this time a locket is the dying mouthful), Lestrade is forced to impersonate a barrack-room lawyer.. "His hunt for clues takes him on a near-fatal trip in a hot-air balloon, on a disastrous bicycle tour ending with a night in jail, and to London's East End, where he must prevent a confrontation between rival gangs.

Золотой Кинжал за нехудожественное произведение

Джонатан Гудман 0.0
In this true crime reprint, Jonathan Goodman focuses his masterful detective skills on a criminal case that has inspired several novels, among them John O'Hara's Butterfield 8, which became a major feature film. The discovery of Starr Faithfull's body on a Long Island beach in 1931 prompted front-page headlines on both sides of the Atlantic as the events leading to her death unfolded: her clandestine, sordid love affairs (one with a former Boston mayor) and unconventional sex life; her misuse of drugs and bootleg alcohol; and details of her stepfather's unsavory business ventures, including his involvement in a murder investigation. Mindful of the still unanswered question of whether her death resulted from accident, suicide, or murder, Goodman attempts to demystify this enigmatic case. The only author granted full access to the massive police dossier, Goodman unveils through his meticulous research a startling yet credible conclusion. Chilling crime-scene photographs supplement the text.