Вручение 1999 г.

Премия вручалась за 1998 год.

Страна: США Место проведения: город Вашингтон, США Дата проведения: 1999 г.

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Лаура Липман 0.0
Частный детектив Тесс Монган вновь принимается за дело. Ее клиентом становится бывший заключенный Лютер Бил, прозванный журналистами Мясником из Батчерз-Хиллз. Он был осужден за убийство одиннадцатилетнего мальчика.
Jan Burke 0.0
Investigative reporting has its hazards, but trouble hits home for Irene Kelly when her estranged aunt is murdered--and Irene becomes the leading suspect. With the police hot on her trail, Irene sets out to find cousin Travis, her dead aunt's son, convinced he's the next target. But when Irene finds Travis, a camper-driving children's storyteller with suspiciously deep pockets, things blow up--literally. It takes several brushes with death, staying one step ahead of the law, and a few not-so-sweet reunions for Irene to untangle a complex web of family secrets and long-held grudges, and discover just who is killing off the Kelly clan--and why.
Эрлин Фаулер 0.0
Meet Benni Harper…a spirited ex-cowgirl, quilter, and folk-art expert who’s staking out her own corner of the contemporary American West. She’s got an eye for murderous designs—and a talent for piecing together the most complex and cold-blooded crimes…

Benni and about two hundred of her relatives and friends are gathered for the family’s annual barbecue and cattle roundup. Among them is Shelby Johnson, a young photography student from a wealthy Chicago family who is drawn to San Celina by her love of the West and a passionate desire to catch it all on film. In Benni she finds a favorite subject and a new friend. But when Shelby’s body is discovered on the ranch the next morning, Benni’s closest relatives suddenly develop into prime murder suspects…
Вирджиния Ланье 0.0
"Georgia Peach" Jo Beth Sidden is always sniffing out trouble with the help of her beloved bloodhounds. In her latest adventure. Jo Beth is asked to look into the decades-old murder of a nanny and a child. The man convicted of the crimes, who has steadfastly proclaimed his innocence, has just been released from prison, and the local sheriff is concerned about the effect of his return on the community. It's up to gutsy Jo Beth and her equally feisty bloodhounds to track down the truth. Fans will be eager for the latest offering in this series that has created a stir in the mystery community.
Margaret Maron 0.0
At a stop along her campaign trail, Judge Deborah Knott attends a community picnic at the Mr. Olive Church. When the historic building is destroyed by a fire shortly after the outing -- and the charred skeleton of a young man is found among the ashes -- Knott begins her own investigation into the tragedy. Earlier national news reports of a fire at a local African-American church had already gained the attention of Wallace Adderly, a Black Panther from the '70s. Knott and Adderly team up to discover if the blazes are merely coincidence, or the work of a racist arsonist. As the number of suspects rises, Deborah finds herself re-examining her own beliefs and values as she and Adderly race to prevent another devastating loss in the community.
Элизабет Питерс 0.0
The Ape Who Guards the Balance begins in 1907 in England where Amelia is attending a suffragettes' rally outside the home of Mr. Geoffrey Romer of the House of Commons. It seems Romer is one of the few remaining private collectors of Egyptian antiquities, and a series of bizarre events at the protest soon embroil Amelia in grave personal danger. Suspecting that the Master Criminal, Sethos, is behind their problems, the Emerson Peabody's hasten to Egypt to continue their studies in the Valley of Kings where they soon acquire a papyrus of the Book of the Dead.

As with past seasons, however, their archaeological expedition is interrupted. The murdered body of a woman is found in the Nile. Ramses, Radcliffe, and Amelia all have their theories as to the origin of the crime, but their own lives might soon be at stake if the cult of Thoth and their ancient book is, indeed, involved.

Лучший дебютный детектив

Робин Хатауэй 0.0
When cardiologist Dr. Andrew Fenimore isn't mending weak hearts, he's solving crimes in Philadelphia's wealthy Society Hill. But murder is the last thing the good doctor expects when he befriends a teenage boy trying to bury his dead cat. As the two dig a grave for the cat's final resting place in a vacant lot-- which happens to be an ancient burial ground-- they discover a fresh corpse, buried feet flexed, facing east, according to Lenape Indian tradition.

Fenimore's P.I. pastime starts to become a distinct health hazard as he and his young sidekick follow the trail of the deceased young woman straight to the son of a colleague, one of Philadelphia's most prominent surgeons. Surely the scion of a fine old Philadelphia family and his Indian fiancee ignited some powerful passions. But are they enough to risk trying for the perfect murder in a place where civility rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove?
Джеррилин Фармер 0.0
Madeline Bean, caterer to the stars, is in the middle of the biggest job of her career. She and her partner Wesley have pulled off Hollywood's most outrageous A-list Halloween party for notorious producer Bruno Huntley, complete with an eerie fortuneteller who is astonishingly accurate, and exotic food that's to die for. Before long, Bruno is thrashing and writhing out on the dance floor. Just one problem: he's not standing up, And soon, he's not even breathing.

The newly late Mr. Huntley was poisoned, that's certain. But the number of suspects with a yen to send Bruno to the devil could fill an audition for extras in the next Quentin Tarantino flick. When Wesley is arrested for the murder because of a long-standing dispute with the maniacal mogul, Madeline knows he couldn't be guilty. But to prove it, she has to wade through the muck of a mudslinging family, outrun a pair of crazed canines, dodge a pair of well-aimed bullets, and expose a slew of secrets that could put a soap opera to shame. Somebody's cooked up a murder, and it's up to Madeline to find out who--before she faces a fadeout of her own.
Жаклин Фидлер 0.0
A zoo full of cagey creatures and sketchy clues... With a habit of looking everywhere except where she's going, thirty-one-year-old wildlife artist Caroline Canfield knows one thing for sure: accidents have a way of finding her. So after her free-spirited mentor, Anthony Chirico, plunges to his suspicious death from a scaffold, Caroline initially turns down the chance to finish his jungle mural at the Fox Valley Zoo. Aware of Tony's penchant for leaving hidden messages in his work, Caroline starts to wonder if his fall was no accident -- and when she finds Tony's assistant with a knife in his throat, she gets the point that someone desperately wants to keep the zoo's new exhibit from opening.

Spurred by her desire to know the truth and uncover the secrets of the mural, Caroline reluctantly accepts the Fox Valley Zoo commission. But working at the zoo isn't a walk in the park -- animals are being threatened and "accidents" start happening with alarming frequency. If Caroline doesn't put the pieces of the puzzle together soon, she may never get out of this jungle alive.
Джуди Фицуотер 0.0
Judy Fitzwater's comic mystery tour de force, originally published by Ballantine Books, is finally available in electronic format.

Jennifer Marsh is a mystery writer with a stack of eight unpublished manuscripts and rejection letters to match filling her closet. She's sure that if she can just get famous for something, someone will have to publish her books. Why not murder?

She'll find a target so mean that she'd actually be doing the world a favor by bumping him or her off. And she knows just the person:
Penney Richmond, a high-powered literary agent who's made it her job to ruin people's lives. All Jennifer has to do is frame herself, do the deed, and come out with an iron-clad alibi, and she'll be well on her way to getting a three book deal. So what if she chickens out at the last minute? A vegetarian good girl who rescued a greyhound could never actually kill someone. But when Penney is found murdered and the police think Jennifer did it, she’d better find the real murderer before she goes away... for life.

Along with her eccentric writer's group, spunky old ladies with a nose for sleuthing, her neurotic greyhound, and a sexy, sarcastic reporter named Sam, Jennifer embarks on a journey filled with danger, deception, and disguises that could leave her Dying to Get Published...
Шэрон Кан 0.0
This first title in the new Agatha Award-acclaimed series features Ruby, the widow of the rabbi in Eternal, Texas. When a patron drops dead in The Hot Bagel, Ruby's friend the baker faces interrogation--and Ruby starts wondering about a connection to her husband's still-unsolved hit-and-run death.

Лучшее нехудожественное произведение

Дин Джеймс, Эллен Нер, Jan Grape 0.0
Deadly Women is a large-format, illustrated companion volume to the popular and award-winning compendium The Fine Art of Murder.From Agatha Christie to Murder, She Wrote, women have occupied a central and honored place in the mystery scene. Packed to bursting with photos, stories, interviews, recommended lists, illustrations, and new information by and about favorite female writers present and past, this book celebrates women's contributions to crime fiction.

Deadly Women contains articles by and about such luminaries as Mary Higgins Clark, Barbara Michaels, Patricia Cornwell, Elizabeth George, Carolyn G. Hart, Julie Smith, Margaret Maron, J. A. Jance, Sara Paretsky, Marcia Muller, Laurie R. King, Charlotte MacLeod, Nancy Pickard, Joan Hess ... and many, many more.

This handsome volume will be equally popular with mystery fans for their libraries and with anyone looking for an entertaining gift. Never before have all these femmes fatales, sleuths, and creative innovators been gathered together between the covers of a single volume.
Дин Джеймс, Jean Swanson 0.0
Winner of the Agatha Award for Best Mystery Nonfiction, By a Woman's Hand was "a tour de force of a reference source on contemporary women mystery writers" (Nancy Pickard). Now Jean Swanson and Dean James have written a mystery guide with even broader appeal--by reflecting current trends in film, television, and mainstream fiction.Killer Books is the perfect guide for discovering favorite mystery writers based upon readers' personal preferences. For instance: If you liked the movies The Silence of the Lambs or The Usual Suspects, or TV's "The X-Files"TM"" or "Murder, She Wrote", this cross-referenced sourcebook will guide you to the types of writers and books you'd most enjoy. Brilliantly organized and indexed, with complete descriptions, author profiles and awards, Killer Books is the mystery guide that lets you navigate the maze of mystery--and find the books that you'll like best.