Вручение 1992 г.

Премия вручалась за 1991 год.

Страна: США Дата проведения: 1992 г.

Лучший детективный роман

Nancy Pickard 0.0
Pickard's sixth Jenny Cain mystery and first Pocket Books hardcover, Bum Steer, was widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Now, in I.O.U., Jenny explores her own family's unsettling, mysterious past, beginning with her mother's death--was it murder?
Carolyn G. Hart 4.5
In honor of Agatha Christie's one hundredth birthday, mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance Darling plans a week-long celebration of mystery, treasure hunts, title clues, and Christie trivia. Yet even as the champagne is chilling and the happy guests begin arriving on Broward's Rock Island, Annie feels a niggling sense of doom. But the last thing she or her guests expect is that the scheduled fun and mayhem will include a real-life murder. The unexpected arrival of Neil Bledsoe, the most despised book critic in America, was sure to raise a few hackles. An advocate of hard-boiled detection and gory true crime, Bledsoe drops a bombshell on the devoted Christie assemblage: He's penning a scurrilous biography of the grand dame of suspense herself. Before the first title clue is solved, no less than two attempts are made on Bledsoe's life. Now Annie and her unflappable husband, Max Darling, find themselves trying to stop a murder in the making-only the first corpse isn't the one they're expecting. . .and it isn't the last.

Лучший дебютный детектив

Сью Генри 0.0
The winner of Alaska's world-famous Iditarod -- a grueling, eleven-hundred-mile dog sled race across a frigid Arctic wilderness---takes home a $250,000 purse.

But this year, the prize is survival.

Only the toughest and the most able come to compete in this annual torturous test of endurance, skill, and courage. Now, suddenly and inexplicably, the top Iditarod contestants are dying one by one in bizarre and gruesome ways. Jessie Arnold, Alaska's premier female "musher," fears she may be the next intended victim, but nothing is going to prevent her from aggressively pursuing the glory and the rewards that victory brings.

Dedicated State Trooper Alex Jensen is determined to track down the murderer before more innocent blood stains the pristine Alaskan snow. But Jensen's hunt is leading him into the frozen heart of the perilous wild that Jessie Arnold knows so well -- a merciless place far from any vestige of civilization, where nature can kill as fast as a bullet...and only the Arctic night can hear your final screams.
Mary Willis Walker 0.0
Dog trainer Katherine Driscoll's father has written to her offering help in her financial crisis, although they haven't been together since she was a baby. But then he gets killed by a tiger and Katherine resolves to investigate and uncover long-hidden family secrets.
Стивен Сейлор 4.1
Действие романа происходит в Риме времен диктатуры Суллы. Гордиан по прозвищу Сыщик соглашается помочь молодому адвокату Цицерону распутать одно темное дело об убийстве... и оказывается в самой гуще кровавой драмы, развязку которой невозможно предугадать даже этому хитроумному римскому Шерлоку Холмсу. Любовный сюжет и остроумный слог делают чтение этого психологического детектива незабываемым.
Ребекка Ротенберг 0.0
Microbiologist Claire Sharples escapes a dull research job at M.I.T. and takes a new position in California's San Joaquin Valley. But when a friend dies when his motorcycle plunges into a reservoir, Claire plunges headlong into the tangled politics of California agriculture to solve a deadly puzzle of greed and revenge.

Лучшая документальная книга

Тони Хиллерман, Ernie Bulow 0.0
Hillerman discusses the craft of mystery writing, his approach to plot, characterization, and setting, and the wrinkles and twists that make his brand of fiction unique.