Родился: 1964 г., Beirut, Lebanon


SF Said is one of Britain’s best young writers and has judged the Whitbread Children’s Book Award.

SF Said was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in May 1967. His family was originally from the Middle East—like his character Varjak, SF has Mesopotamian ancestors—but he has lived in London since the age of 2. SF thinks that growing up in the flat above Quentin Blake may be why he always wanted to be a children’s writer.

SF says that authors like Roald Dahl, Ursula Le Guin, and Rudyard Kipling made him who he is. Their books shaped his mind, as did all the comics and music he loved, from Star Wars to The Sandman. His flat walls are covered with books, records, and videos—literally thousands of them.

Varjak Paw is SF Said’s first published novel, although he has written other books, which weren’t published.

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