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Sarah Adams

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  • The Cheat Sheet Сара Адамс
    ISBN: ‎ 979-8517564375
    Год издания: 2021
    Язык: Английский

    Is it ever too late to leave the friend zone? Discover the heartwarming friends to lovers romance that became a sensation on TikTok! The friend zone is not the end zone for Bree Camden, who is helplessly in love with her longtime best friend and extremely hot NFL legend, Nathan Donelson. The only problem is that she can’t admit her true feelings, because he clearly sees her as a best friend with no romantic potential, and the last thing Bree wants is to ruin their relationship. But those abs . . . Nope! Nothing but good old-fashioned, no-touching-the-sexiest-man-alive, platonic friendship for Bree. In any case, she has other things to…

  • Список для чтения Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 978-5-17-133404-8
    Год издания: 2024
    Издательство: АСТ, Neoclassic
    Язык: Русский

    Мукеш после смерти жены ведет размеренный образ жизни: смотрит документальные фильмы о природе, по средам ходит в магазин и изредка посещает храм. Чтобы наладить общение с внучкой Прией, заядлой читательницей, он отправляется в местную библиотеку и даже не догадывается, что его жизнь вот-вот изменится… Школьница Алейша, библиотекарь поневоле, становится хранителем загадочного списка из восьми романов, о которых она никогда раньше не слышала. Заинтригованная, девушка решает последовать рекомендациям. Мукеш знакомится с Алейшей, которая становится для него проводником в волшебном мире книг. Вместе они продвигаются по списку, поглощая…

  • Practice Makes Perfect Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 0593500806
    Год издания: 2023
    Издательство: Dell
    Язык: Английский

    Annie Walker is on a quest to find her perfect match-someone who nicely compliments her happy, quiet life running her flower shop in Rome, Kentucky. Unfortunately, she worries her goal might be too far out of reach when she overhears her date saying she is "sounbelievably boring." Is it too late to become flirtatious and fun like the leading ladies in her favorite romance movies? Maybe she only needs a little practice...and Annie has the perfect person in mind to become her tutor: Will Griffin. Will--the flirtatious, tattooed, and absolutely gorgeous bodyguard--is temporarily back in Rome, providing security for Amelia Rose as excitement…

  • The Temporary Roomie Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 979-8712363735
    Год издания: 2021
    Язык: Английский

    What happens when you have to play nice with your greatest enemy? Revenge. Drew Marshall may have let me move into his spare bedroom while my house is being renovated, but don’t think for one second his kindness comes without strings. Big, ugly, fake relationship strings. That’s okay, though, Dr. Andrew. I’ll agree to your terms, move into your house, and act likeyour girlfriend when the big day comes; but I also plan to make your life miserable—make you pay for what you did to me. I may not be good at forgiving or forgetting, but I’m excellent at getting even. Get ready to laugh until you cry with this sizzling, hilarious,…

  • The Off Limits Rule Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 9781662085277
    Год издания: 2021
    Издательство: Dreamscape Media Audio
    Язык: Английский
    I have found rock bottom: moving in with my older brother because I’m too broke to afford to live on my own. It’s okay though, because we’ve always been close and I think I’m going to have fun living with him again. That is, until I meet Cooper… Turns out, my brother has very strong opinions on the idea of me dating his best friend—he’s dead set against it. According to him, Cooper is everything I should stay away from: flirtatious, adventurous, non-committal, and freaking hot. (I added that last part because I feel like you need the whole picture.) My brother is right—I should stay away from Cooper James and his pretty blue eyes. He’s the opposite of what I need right now. Nah—who am I kidding? I’m going for it. The Off Limits Rule is a closed-door romance, perfect for anyone who loves lots of sizzle but no explicit content.
  • When in Rome Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 0593500784, ‎978-0593500781
    Год издания: 2022
    Издательство: Dell
    Язык: Английский

    Amelia Rose, known as Rae Rose to her adoring fans, is burned-out from years of maintaining her "princess of pop" image. Inspired by her favorite Audrey Hepburn film, Roman Holiday, she drives off in the middle of the night for a break in Rome . . . Rome, Kentucky, that is. When Noah Walker finds Amelia on his front lawn in her broken-down car, he makes it clear he doesn't have the time or patience for celebrity problems. He's too busy running the pie shop his grandmother left him and reminding his nosy but lovable neighbors to mind their own damn business. Despite his better judgment, he lets her stay in his guest room--but only until…

  • The Match Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 9798640214147
    Год издания: 2020
    Язык: Английский
    Having worked for Southern Service Paws for a few years now, I like to think I’m prepared for just about any client meeting under the sun. I am dead wrong.

    The day I meet with single dad, Jacob Broaden, about potentially matching his daughter with one of our service dogs, I learn a few valuable lessons.

    1) Always set my alarm clock.
    2) Single dads are way hotter than I previously thought.
    3) It is possible to go from fantasizing about kissing someone to wishing they would be run over by a truck in a matter of two minutes.

    Unfortunately, I don’t hold that opinion of him for very long. Not when he shows me a different side of himself—one that’s sweet as maple syrup and hot as apple pie fresh out of the oven.

    Too bad this guy is so far out of my league that I shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the game. Jake doesn’t seem to get that memo though. And after a few days of working closely with him and his daughter, he starts looking at me with fire in his eyes, making me dream of something I probably shouldn’t…

    A family.

    "The Match is a feel-good romantic comedy! Perfect for readers who enjoy a sizzling romance without explicit content."
  • The Enemy Сара Адамс
    Язык: Английский

    It’s been twelve years since I’ve seen him. Twelve years since he won our war of wits by outsmarting me with a tactic I didn’t even know was allowed. But tonight…I resurrect the battle.

    Ryan Henderson is back in town for our best friends’ wedding, and I plan on showing him exactly how much I don’t care about him—or the almost kiss he ruthlessly dangled over me after graduation.

    A lot has changed since our feuding days. I'm a successful bakery owner now, and I plan to rub every delicious detail of my life in his ugly face.

    Just one problem: his face is gorgeous.

    He wasn’t supposed to look like this or pursue me like a sexy guided missile. I must…

  • The Rule Book Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 9780593723678
    Год издания: 2024
    Язык: Английский
    College sweethearts meet again years later, in this highly anticipated romance and companion story to the viral TikTok sensation The Cheat Sheet.

    Nora Mackenzie’s entire career lies in the hands of famous NFL tight end Derek Pender who also happens to be her extremely hot college ex-boyfriend. Nora didn’t end things as gracefully as she could have back then, and now it’s come back to haunt her. Derek is her first client as an official full-time sports agent and he’s holding a grudge.

    Derek has set his sights on a little friendly revenge. If Nora Mackenzie, the first girl to ever break his heart, wants to be his agent, oh he’ll let her be his agent. The plan is make Nora’s life absolutely miserable. But if Derek knows anything about the woman he once loved—she won’t quit easily.

    Instead of giving in, Nora starts a scheme of her own. But then a wild night in Vegas leads to Nora and Derek in bed the next morning married. With their rule book out the window, could this new relationship be the thing to save their careers?
  • To Con a Gentleman Сара Адамс
    ISBN: 1692858815
    Год издания: 2019
    Язык: Английский
    He was her target. She was his diversion. Falling in love was never something they wanted.

    As a con woman who has spent her entire life fending for herself on the streets of London, Rose Wakefield knows how to scam a gentleman out of his money without ever getting caught. That’s until she knocks on the wrong earl’s door and is faced with Carver Ashburn Earl of Kensworth and not the notorious rake she thinks she is approaching.

    Carver is a good man, but even a good man will not pass up an opportunity to escape his grief. What better way to avoid his feelings than to play into a con woman’s ruse and offer to marry her?

    Things only grow more complicated when Carver sweeps Rose off to his family estate and circumstances force them both into continuing the ruse. Carver needs to protect his family, and Rose needs to protect herself—and her heart.

    With so much set against them, will Rose and Carver have a chance at love and freedom? Or is the possibility of more heartache not worth the risk?