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Mazo de la Roche

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  • Штормовые времена Мазо де ля Рош
    ISBN: 978-5-04-117835-2
    Год издания: 2021
    Издательство: Эксмо
    Язык: Русский

    Перед вами первая часть цикла, который принес канадской писательнице Мазо де ля Рош всемирную известность и признание. История семьи Уайток начинается в 1854 году и заканчивается в конце XX века. В мире Уайтоков, как и в реальной жизни, люди живут и умирают, добиваются успехов и терпят поражения. Но есть то, что остается неизменным, – фамильный особняк. Его стены хранят память поколений, их мечты и надежды, любовные переживания и горькие разочарования. Это сага о быстротечности жизни и о вещах, которые мы называем вечными.

  • Новые времена Мазо де ля Рош
    ISBN: 978-5-04-154213-9
    Год издания: 2022
    Издательство: Эксмо
    Язык: Русский

    Перед вами вторая часть цикла, который принес канадской писательнице Мазо де ля Рош всемирную известность и признание. Мазо де ля Рош возвращает нас в мир семьи Уайток, которая обрела новый дом на канадской земле. На дворе 1863 год, и по ту сторону границы вовсю идет Гражданская война. Кертис и Люси Синклер приезжают в Канаду из Штатов, и Уайтоки быстро понимают: гости хранят страшную тайну. И пока дети Уайтоков наслаждаются беспечным и беззаботным временем, фамильный особняк становится местом, где вершится удивительная история.

  • Renny's Daughter Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In Renny’s Daughter, Adeline Whiteoak is voyaging overseas. It is now 1948, and she travels with her Uncle Finch and cousin Maurice to Ireland and then London. On the ship she meets a charming Irishman and falls in love. However, when scandal breaks, she embodies her namesake and refuses to give him up. Meanwhile, back home, Jalna’s peace and beauty is threatened by a neighbour’s speculative designs.

  • Whiteoaks of Jalna Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In Whiteoaks of Jalna , the saga of the Whiteoak family continues, with more rivalries, tangled relationships, and secret love affairs. The colourful matriarch Adeline Whiteoak dies at 101. Each book is a complete and satisfying story in its own right, but the Jalna series has proven itself to be addictive to generations of readers around the world.

  • Jalna Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    Jalna is the first book in the popular series about a Canadian family named Whiteoak, who live in southern Ontario in a red-brick house called Jalna. In Jalna , the unforgettable family makes its first appearance. Two grandsons cause tumult when they bring their brides to live at Jalna, and Grandmother Adeline celebrates her 100th birthday.

  • Whiteoak Harvest Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    Whiteoak Harvest chronicles the 1930s saga of Renny Whiteoak and his wife, Alayne. Finch Whiteoak and wife, Sarah, return from their honeymoon to upset the Jalna household with Eden Whiteoak’s love child. Meanwhile Wakefield Whiteoak is engaged to Pauline Lebraux but is tormented by religious doubts.

  • The Whiteoak Brothers Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In The Whiteoak Brothers , the Jalna household is electric with secrecy and excited expectation. It is now 1923, and while young love blossoms between Pheasant and Piers, Aunt Augusta’s friend, Dilly Warkworth, arrives at Jalna and tries to snare the heart of Renny. Eden, meets a persuasive mining broker whose new venture promises miracles. One by one, Eden persuades the other Whiteoaks to part with their savings – even old Adeline.

  • Wakefield's Course Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    Wakefield's Course begins in the spring of 1939 at Jalna. Renny Whiteoak is keen to sail for Ireland with his small daughter, Adeline, to buy a racehorse, but he's more eager to see his younger cousins, Finch and Wakefield, who have been living in London. On his arrival in England, Renny becomes entangled in his cousins' affairs of the heart.

  • Return to Jalna Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In Return to Jalna , the Whiteoak family reunites after a year of separation. Piers, Renny, and Wakefield return in 1943 during the Second World War. Finch has been off on a concert tour, and Maurice has come home from Ireland. Fifteen-year-old Adeline returns from school and is now the stunning reflection of her namesake. It's a time of change and strain, but the family remains united against all others.

  • The Master of Jalna Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    The Master of Jalna is Renny Whiteoak, who owns the old house and property. After the death of Grandmother Adeline, Renny attempts to carry on the family tradition. He and his wife Alayne have a daughter named Adeline, who has inherited her namesake's red hair, strong will, and fierce temper. While Alayne is preoccupied trying to tame this wild, red-headed child, Renny has a love affair with Claire, the widow of his best friend. The whole Whiteoak family is back at Jalna, and Renny looks after everyone, including Claire and her daughter. He faces a financial crisis and struggles to keep the estate intact.

  • Young Renny Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    Young Renny takes us even further back in the Whiteoak family saga to 1906. Renny, the young master of Jalna, is just eighteen. His twenty-year-old sister Meg is engaged to marry the young man next door, Maurice Vaughan Uncle Nick and Uncle Ernest, now in their fifties, have squandered their inheritances abroad on high living and reside again at Jalna. But the plot thickens further, when two outsiders join the mix: A gypsy woman, who seduces Renny, and a distant cousin from Ireland, who befriends Gran, moves into Jalna, and spies on the family.

  • Finch's Fortune Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In Finch's Fortune, Finch Whiteoak celebrates his twenty-first birthday and comes into his inheritance from Grandmother Adeline. He generously takes his elderly uncles to England and lives for a time with his Aunt Augusta. While in England, Finch falls in and out of love with his cousin Sarah Court. He returns to Jalna, where the fortune left to him remains a bone of contention amongst other members of the Whiteoak family.

  • Centenary at Jalna Мазо де ля Рош

    First published in 1958, Centenary at Jalna brings us to 1953 when the Whiteoaks gather to mark the 100th anniversary of their estate. It has now been a century since Captain Philip and Adeline Whiteoak arrived in Canada and built their legacy. While this should be a time of festivity for the clan, tension and discontent surround the forthcoming marriage of a new generations Adeline and Philip, grandchildren of the originals. To make matters worse, young Dennis risks tragedy and Wakefield finds himself in a doomed relationship. As the celebrations loom closer, the question remains: Will the Whiteoaks be able to overcome their difficulties…

  • Variable Winds at Jalna Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In Variable Winds at Jalna , the immediate sequel to Renny’s Daughter , Maitland Fitzturgis and his sister, Sylvia Fleming, travel from Ireland for his official acceptance by the family as Adeline’s husband. Finch and Maurice also return, and Maurice brings with him his own problematic affairs of the heart. It quickly becomes one of the most fateful years that Jalna has known, and the story ends with more than one peal of the wedding bells.

  • Mary Wakefield Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    In Mary Wakefield , the third book in the Jalna series, a young English woman is hired by Ernest Whiteoak to be a governess to Philip’s motherless children. When Philip falls in love with her, his mother does all she can to prevent the marriage.

  • Whiteoak Heritage Мазо де ля Рош
    Язык: Английский

    Whiteoak Heritage chronicles the fortunes of the Whiteoak family after the Second World War. The drama continues at Jalna when Renny returns home to find his one-time love still unforgiving and his brother still involved with an older woman.