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Charles Nicholl

Произведения Чарльза Николла

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  • The Lodger Чарльз Николл
    Дата написания: 2008

    In 1612 Shakespeare gave evidence at the Court of Requests in Westminster – it is the only occasion his spoken words are recorded. The case seems routine – a dispute over an unpaid marriage-dowry – but it opens up an unexpected window into the dramatist’s famously obscure life-story. Charles Nicholl applies a powerful biographical magnifying glass to this fascinating episode in Shakespeare’s life. Marshalling evidence from a wide variety of sources, including previously unknown documentary mate

  • The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe Чарльз Николл
    Дата написания: 2002

    In 1593, the brilliant and controversial young playwright Christopher Marlowe was stabbed to death in a Deptford lodging house. The circumstances were shady, the official account - a violent quarrel over the bill, or 'recknynge' - long regarded as dubious. For the first time tracing Marlowe's shadowy political and intelligence dealings, Charles Nicholl uncovers critical new evidence about that fatal day. Also providing an enthralling revelation of the extraordinary underworld of Elizabe

  • The Fruit Palace Чарльз Николл
    Дата написания: 1998

    Charles Nicholl is on a quest for 'The Great Cocaine Story'. The time is the early eighties and the place - Colombia. The Fruit Palace is a little whitewashed café that legally dispenses tropical fruit juices, has another purpose as the meeting place for a variety of black market activities and the place where Nicholl unwittingly begins his quest. Nicholl relates his story with irrepressible energy and vividness as he careens from shantytowns and waterfront barrios to steamy jungle vil

  • Leonardo da Vinci. The Flights of the Mind Чарльз Николл
    Дата написания: 2005

    Leonardo da Vinci is the most mysterious of all the great artists, continuing to inspire and intrigue centuries after his death. Who lies behind the legend of the 'Renaissance genius'? What is the real story behind his elusive masterpieces and tantalizing notebooks? Prize-winning author Charles Nicholl has immersed himself for five years in all the manuscripts, paintings and artefacts to produce an 'intimate portrait' of Leonardo. He uses these contemporary materials - his notebooks and sketchbo

  • Traces Remain. Essays and Explorations Чарльз Николл
    Дата написания: 2012

    History leaves traces of the people - Byron, Shakespeare, Rimbaud, Leonardo - living through it, in portraits, documents and books. In Traces Remain, Charles Nicholl, the acclaimed author of The Reckoning, The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street and Leonardo da Vinci: The Flights of the Mind, transforms these glimpses through time into comic and poignant vignettes, and curious, intriguing puzzles. From a mysterious painting found in a Hereford house to the

  • Леонардо да Винчи. Загадки гения Чарльз Николл
    Форма: повесть
    Первая публикация: 2016

    Перед вами самая полная биография Леонардо да Винчи, величайшего гения эпохи Возрождения. Хотя его достижения и творения на протяжении веков вызывали всеобщее восхищение, этот человек всегда оставался на удивление закрытым, что во все времена порождало многочисленные слухи и версии о его приверженности темным культам, участии в зловещих тайных обществах, причастности к величайшим секретам западной цивилизации. Его жизнь и сегодня во многом остается загадкой. Автору этой книги, Чарльзу Николлу, принадлежит множество открытий, связанных с да Винчи и его ближайшим окружением, – ему даже удалось обнаружить ранее неизвестный портрет великого…