Новые книги Андреа Контос

2 издания
  • Out of the Fire Андреа Контос
    ISBN: 9781338726169
    Год издания: 2021
    Издательство: Scholastic Press
    Язык: Английский

    It wasn't the kidnapping that ruined Cass Adams's life. It was the letters that came after. The pink envelopes that appear in her car, her locker, her bedroom. Notes from the man she escaped, telling her that he's always there, always watching. And that someday, he'll be back for her. The police say there's nothing they can do, and Cass resigns herself to live in fear until she reconnects with three old friends-three girls ready to exact vengeance on those who wronged them. But the deeper Cass digs, the more shocking the truth becomes, especially when she discovers that the person who ruined her life may be the only one who can…

  • Throwaway Girls Андреа Контос
    ISBN: 9781525303142
    Год издания: 2020
    Издательство: Kids Can Press
    Язык: Английский

    Caroline Lawson is three months away from freedom, otherwise known as graduation day. That's when she'll finally escape her rigid prep school and the parents who thought they could convert her to being straight. Until then, Caroline is keeping her head down, pretending to be the perfect student even though she is crushed by her family and heartbroken over the girlfriend who left for California. But when her best friend Madison disappears, Caroline feels compelled to get involved in the investigation. She has her own reasons not to trust the police, and she owes Madison — big time. Suddenly Caroline realizes how little she knew of…