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William Brodrick

Уильям Бродрик — об авторе

Родился: 1 января 1960 г., Болтон, Великобритания


William Brodrick was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1960. Having lived in Canada since he was eleven, he went to school in Australia and England, and went on to take a BA in Philosophy and Theology, then a MTh (Master of Theology) and a Degree of Utter Barrister. Brodrick worked on a logging camp in British Columbia, Canada, before joining the Augustinian Friars (1979-1985). He began his life as a friar in Dublin, Ireland, based on a farm that deployed Iron Age techniques bringing him very close to nature. After several years as a friar, he left the order to help set up a charity at the request of Cardinal Hume, The Depaul Trust, which worked with homeless people. In 1991 he became a…


2009 г.Кинжалы (Золотой Кинжал, A Whispered Name)
2004 г.Дилис (Лучший детектив., The Sixth Lamentation)